What to look for in Dolphins game against the Buccaneers

What to look for in Dolphins game against the Buccaneers
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What I will be looking for in Dolphins vs. Bucs game Saturday night


Saturday night we should get a good look at the starting Miami Dolphins team. Like most fans I want to see my team bring home the win, but that is not what is most important here. These are a few of the things I will be looking at Saturday night. [dropcap]Tannehill running[/dropcap]

Obviously the teams success revolves around Ryan Tannehill. The biggest flaw I have seen in his game so far from him, including last season, is indecisiveness. I want to see Ryan take a quick drop and fire the ball, stop giving the pass rush time to get to him. Start trusting your receivers and hit them as they make their breaks. In my opinion Tannehill is holding the ball too long because he is being very careful about throwing interceptions, which is not a bad thing but there is a fine line here.

Personally If I were coaching the Dolphins I would roll Ryan out allot more, there are very few Defensive Lineman or Linebackers in the league that can run with the ex wide receiver. By getting Ryan out in open space he would have more time to look for open receivers or have the opportunity to run for big gains, I know he can get hurt this way,  he would have to be smart about it. Bottom line Tannehill has wheels , use them.

I am sure that some would say they want to see more out of Lamar miller in the run game I am not concerned much about the Dolphins run game between Miller, Thomas, and Gillislee they will get the job done. More importantly to me would be getting the running backs the ball in the passing game, again get your explosive players the ball in open space, much like the Lions did with Bush against the Patriots Thursday night, that’s my kind of play calling. Bush had 5 catches for 103 yards.

The Offensive line has been a question mark for the Dolphins for years and letting Jake Long walk added to the dooomm. I, like most others will be watching Jonathan Martin who has been reported to be much improved in pass blocking. The bigger question mark has been at Right Guard position, as John Jerry has been recovering from a knee injury. He will be making his first preseason appearance Saturday night and all eyes will be on him. [dropcap].John Jerry[/dropcap]

Sticking with the offense, the Keller injury has put allot of pressure on someone to step up as the go to Tight End. Michael Egnew, Charles Clay, and rookie Dion Sims, will be battling for the coaches attention, this is going to be an interesting position to watch, let’s see how it shakes out.

As far as the defense goes, at this time I don’t see allot of concerns here. I would like to see allot of pressure put on Freeman, he holds the ball too long also, the Fins should have several sacks in this game. I am anxious to see our new linebackers, Ellerbe and Wheeler in action.

That’s what I will be looking for in Saturday nights game, how about you?


By 1fishfan72


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