Making Sense of Free Agency

Making Sense of Free Agency
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Free Agency has started and all the big names have been signed and the big moves for the four AFCE teams have pretty much been done.  Here is an analysis of each team’s moves so far
Miami Dolphins of London 
The Dolphins had some cap problems due to the genius of Mike Tannenbaum.  They franchise tagged Jarvis Landry and got the Browns to pony up a couple picks for him. They replaced him with Albert Wilson and Captain Clutch aka Danny Amendola.  Wilson is a weird signing because he doesn’t fill a need but Amendola makes sense as he was the best WR on the Patriots and can bring a winning culture to Miami.  They also have finally made the wise decision of getting rid of Suh who was a waste of a roster spot his entire career in Miami despite some saying he is “worth two wins by himself”. Cutting Suh however was a costly bullet they had to take as making it a post June 1 cut, the cap savings won’t show up until June 2 and by then the OL players they need will be long gone. They also restructured a couple players such as Ryan Tannehill and Reshad Jones. Restructuring Tannehill will offend some of the Dolphin fans who have never liked him and thought players like Jay Cutler and Matt Moore were better but they will have to deal with it.  The Dolphins won’t be able to make any big splashes which means OL will have to wait until the draft and maybe Tannehill won’t retire early and go to Med School.
The Jets had a lot of cap room and a bunch of areas to spend it on. They need a long term answer at QB, they need a legit playmaker at WR who won’t be in prison, they need an actual RB, they need OL help, they need something else besides safeties, and they need a new GM. So far, they only addressed a couple of those holes. They got a good center in Spencer Long who maybe will be a long term replacement of Nick Mangold, they also got a good RB in Isiah Crowell who was the 2nd best RB in Cleveland behind a bonafide stud in Duke Johnson.  They also got a CB who is pretty good.
However they could have gotten Allen Robinson for less than 15 million a year, he went to Chicago with some guy named Mitch. At QB they went with their usual patch of getting a washed up has been in Josh McCown for the outrageous price of 10 million.  They did sign Teddy Bridgewater, however I doubt Todd Bowles will play him. So the Jets will continue playing old farts at QB when rebuilding so their young QBs will remain unknown. The Jets got better on defense and the talk of Bilal Powell being great will finally end, however they will have to use the draft to get a franchise QB (who Bowles will leave on the bench) and to get a legit WR. Maybe next year.
America’s Team The Buffalo Bills
The Bills made some early splashes with the big trades of Cordy Glenn and Tyrod Taylor. Glenn made sense as the Bills had his replacement in Dion Dawkins who started at LT for a large portion of the year. Tyrod Taylor also made sense as you could tell the brain trust of Beane and McDermott never wanted him. The Bills also signed a Star as many predicted, also got some solid rotational pieces on the defense with Rafael Bush, Trent Murphy and Julian Stanford. The big thing however is with the trade of Glenn, the Bills moved their 21st pick all the way up to 12.
Now we go to the big rumors of the Bills going all in to get into the top 5 and pick a franchise QB. They have quite a lot of ammunition and wouldn’t even have to offer their 1st next year. Everyone knows the Bills are planning to trade up and I expect them to also trade LeSean McCoy (we got Chris Ivory a fantasy star) and Jerry Hughes to get more ammunition to move up. However the Bills love Josh Allen, Mr 56% with big hands instead of the true top QB in this class, Josh Rosen. While the trades were great, it will end up getting a terrible QB prospect and the Bills will have another 18 year drought.

New England Patriots
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