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Mark Sanchez Wins the Starting Job….for 15 minutes.

Mark Sanchez Wins the Starting Job….for 15 minutes.
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[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or one whole quarter Mark Sanchez looked to be in prime position to grab a hold of the Jets starting job, but then again, he is Mark Sanchez. For a near perfect 15 minutes the head ban wearing Sanchez with nine lives started off on fire. Sanchez completed all three of his passes to three different receivers on the opening drive, including a 23-yard touchdown to Jeff Cumberland to give the Jets a 7-0 lead three minutes into the game.

He moved the ball into the red zone on the next drive and even though the Jets settled for a field goal, Sanchez looked to be in command of the offense. I am sure his performance in the first quarter gave General Manager Idzik a bit of indigestion as he seems dead set on making Geno Smith the starting quarterback. I bet Idzik never thought he would ever hear “Sanchez led the Jets to 17 points in 3 consecutive drives while completing his first 5 passes for 59 yards.

But alas, the fu-manchu wearing quaterback gave Idzik a doze of his old self to relieve his stomach ache. For the rest of the first half, Sanchez went 3 of 10 for 23 yards with an irritable interception in the end-zone. A turn over, 2 consecutive 3 and outs and a lackluster ending to the first half only cemented the position that Mark Sanchez is still Mark Sanchez.

8-for-14 for 82 yards with a TD, an interception and a 63.8 QB in five possessions with the starters leaves the door wide open for Geno Smith. Sanchez could of cemented his position if the game only lasted for 15 minutes and the Jets quaterback competition could of been over. Instead we have a hurt rookie, a veteran who looks like a rookie and one of the ugliest quaterback competitions will continue on for at least another week.

By Sergio Peralta


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