Meet Ryan Tannehill

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Meet Ryan Tannehill
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Something special has been brewing down _under, and maybe, just maybe, the large aura of Dan Marino’s greatness is about to be overshadowed…….or not.

Ryan is the second best QB in the division, but then again it is by default, since Bills and Jets are where the Fins were 3 years ago. Let us look at what took this young stud to our division, and how he has risen to such heights:

Born in Lubbock, he did attend Big Spring HS (also Western Texas). He played Defensive Back as a Sophomore, but became a prolific passer at QB his last two seasons before attending Texas A&M. Redshirted his first season, next three years he lost the QB competition, finishing third to Jerrod Johnson (Montreal Alouettes). He played at WR for two and one half seasons, and fully in his fifth year in the program.

Tannehill was considered a project during pre-draft, most had him as a second rounder to begin with, but slowly worked his way up the charts as he impressed scouts. On Draft Day he had moved up to the middle of the first, here is a quote: “I have him rated as the 19th best player in the draft, which tells you I don’t think he’s ready to be a heavy contributor this year. I watched every throw he made on tape this year. All the out-breaking routes are phenomenal. Where he gets in trouble are the in-breaking routes where he stares the receiver down, pats the ball and throws interceptions.”
Mike Mayock, former NFL safety and current NFL Network analyst. Ryan’s big break came in the form of Mike Sherman. His A&M coach was hired as OC of the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins drafted the young man at #8.

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Tannehill has slowly progressed in his first three years, and he is improving; that is what has the fanbase so excited. Miami GMs and HC have done a lousy job of building an OL that protects him. A kid that had more QB experience in HS than college, needed to come and be given pocket time. Who knowns how much further along he would be, had he had that luxury.

This season is a huge one for Ryan. Its year 4, now has a huge contract (one normally given to proven leaders), and the team is starving to have a winning season. It is also safe to say that Joe Philbin’s job is in Ryan’s hands. The team continues to neglect that OL, that is a lot of pressure on the young QB.


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