Miami Dolphins and The Elephant in the Room

Miami Dolphins and The Elephant in the Room
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This past year the Dolphins had one of the worst rushing offenses I have ever seen, and I’ve been a faithful fan since all the way back to the lean Marino years when we regularly led the league in every stat that signified rushing impotence. The dolphins had just 1440 rushing yards last year, and that’s an anemic total I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen since the bad old day of Sammie Smith and Mark Higgs.

Additionally we all just witnessed one of the worst pass protection seasons in the past decade and by far the worst in Dolphins history.

So incontrovertible evidence exists which says that Turner is simply a bad offensive line coach. According to the Well’s report Turner also repeatedly talked with the offensive line about the significance of *Judas* and *snitching* in the execution of Jesus. So we also now know Turner was also a failure at handling personnel matters and that directly led to some of the cascade of awful offensive line performance he was personally responsible for in all events. And it’s not like this is a coach with a vast portfolio of great work in the past to fall back on; this was Turner’s first big time gig in the NFL.
We also know Turner is Philbin’s guy. Philbin’s said on numerous occasions even as late as just a few weeks ago that he thinks he is a really good “football” coach despite all evidence to the contrary and Turner’s general lack of experience. Philbin’s still wants to keep him after these newest revelations, most of which he was probably aware of for a while now. We can be sure that Turner will be fired, but it will be done as Philbin internally protests his innocence and competence.

Moreover Philbin’s area of expertise, if one can be said to exist at all, is the offensive line. Remember all those great offensive lines Aaron Rogers played behind? Oh wait, probably among Rogers’ most impressive feats were his ability to overcome the perennially suspect offensive lines behind which he played, and Joe was in some large part responsible for.
Beyond that though, what does it say when the one area where Philbin is said to possess a modicum operation experience is the one part of the team where he has no pulse whatsoever?

If Philbin knows this little about the OL, how much less is he in touch with the wide receivers? Despite all the protestation of Philbin’s remarkable integrity by the media, what has this past year incontrovertibly shown about Philbin’s judgment and ability to connect with a group of men and employees?

So when will the sports world acknowledge the elephant in the room here?
I say again, when will the media acknowledge the elephant which just dropped a thirty pound deuce in the room everyone is standing in?

Philbin has shown repeatedly he does not possess the judgment necessary to run the local pop warner squad, much less the local quickie-mart, and god forbid a billion dollar company with multi-millionaire superstar employees. This nightmare will never end until someone with a modicum of management ability replaces Joe Philbin as the Dolphin head coach.

by: mikesfriedrice.


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