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The Miami Dolphins Last Stand

The Miami Dolphins Last Stand
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The Miami Dolphins have their back to the wall, time to rise up and prove something. Miami was resilient in the first 3 weeks. They put away the Browns and Colts on the road and dispatched a pesky Falcons team at home. It was supposed to be a grueling opening for this upstart team. they handled it well. Then came the three losses that followed. Miami got blown out by the Saints then squandered two winnable games at home to the Bills and Ravens. Poor coaching on offense, a decimated line and poorer decisions by Tannehill were contributing factors.

What now must happen is that the underdog Dolphins must find a way to win at least 1 of its next 2 games either against division foe Patriots or against the resurgent Bengals. Both are tall orders but so was the opening schedule that Miami faced . Miami is visiting a more vulnerable than usual Patriots team this week and Its season may literally be on the line. Dolphin Fans hope that the trade for a lineman and a slightly healthier defense leads to an upset. A loss could drop the Dolphins into the basement and with it into obscurity.

The four keys to a Dolphins win are:


  • 1st pass protection must improve – Miami can not afford to allow 4+ sacks this week, in order to win they probably need to keep that number to a maximum of 2.
  • 2nd turnovers – This certainly was the biggest factor in Miami’s loss last week In fact other than the Ravens game it has been a lingering concern for the dolphins all season so far.
  • 3rd Pass coverage – The Pats have exploited the Dolphins a lot here, especially Gronk, Miami has to at the very least slow down the Pats passing attack.
  • Finally Miami must establish a run threat – If the can do this it could bolster them in some areas where they are weak. Tannehill may get more time to throw and it may open up play action. Lamar Miller and company need to get 100 yards rushing to keep the Pats D at bay.

These are the keys to Miami getting back in the groove. Good Luck to them and Philbin

By Coolcat

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