Why the Miami Dolphins Should Panic

Why the Miami Dolphins Should Panic
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Going into the regular season it was clear that the Miami Dolphins intended to up their game. They spent huge dollars on free agents, they traded up in the draft to improve an already solid front 7, and yet the question coming in was will a shaky offensive line hurt this team and keep them mediocre. The first 3 weeks seemed to vindicate Miami’s decision not to upgrade that line.

All was good and Miami was a shocking 3-0. Then it happened , the wheels fell off. Monday night against the Saints the Dolphins looked completely over-matched. They were simply outplayed and out coached. This was forgivable as the Saints are true super bowl contenders. This did however propose a challenge to the Dolphins. Clearly they needed to come home and defend their turf against a Ravens team that was itself embarrassed by the Bills the week prior. Miami failed to do so and at the bye sit at 3-2.

Certainly most fans and experts would have thought that a 3-2 mark after 5 weeks would be respectable. However something more sinister lays at the heart of this start. Tannehill has been sacked more than the contestants on a Donald trump reality series (24 times) which puts him on track for 76 to 77 sacks. The Dolphins certainly can not expect their QB to continue to take a beating like this and play well or at all for that matter. Miami must find a way to protect Tannehill. This should have been a much higher priority this off-season.

While 3-2 is a decent start and the toughest part of the schedule is now behind the Dolphins , the risk of injury to their QB is quite high and the future of this team in the years to come have been needlessly placed in jeopardy. The fault does not lie with the coaching which has been adequate. The fault is squarely on the front office.So Dolphin fans hold your breath and do panic. Miami may pay a price for their offensive line and it maybe a setback in terms of years and not just this season.The bye week approaches and Tannehill will likely enjoy 2 weeks of Epsom Salt baths.


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