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Miami Dolphins – Who To Root For Week 13

Miami Dolphins – Who To Root For Week 13
S/R Staff
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Miami Dolphins

Chance of making the playoffs

  • No Clinching Scenarios have emerged yet for the Dolphins

  • Upcoming games which matter most to the Dolphins
Week 13 Impact on the Dolphins playoff chances
Dolphins @ Jets If Dolphins win +11.41% If Jets win -11.29%
Packers vs. Patriots If Packers win +1.34% If Patriots win -1.34%
Saints @ Steelers If Saints win +1.10% If Steelers win -1.10%
Buccaneers vs. Bengals If Buccaneers win +1.04% If Bengals win -1.01%
Broncos @ Chiefs If Broncos win +0.61% If Chiefs win -0.59%
Ravens vs. Chargers If Ravens win +0.48% If Chargers win -0.40%
Titans @ Texans If Titans win +0.19% If Texans win -0.24%
Eagles @ Cowboys If Eagles win +0.14% If Cowboys win -0.12%
Lions vs. Bears If Lions win +0.11% If Bears win -0.09%
Cardinals @ Falcons If Cardinals win +0.11% If Falcons win -0.13%

The loss to Denver lessened the chances for the Miami Dolphins in reaching their playoff goals. From a 31.39% chance to a 19.21% chance and a drop from the 7th in line to 10th. A real chance for the playoffs means that the Dolphins will have to come away with at least 10 wins and help from other teams but if they run out the table they will be almost assured a spot.


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