MM Reactions – Miami Dolphins, week one


MM Reactions – Miami Dolphins, week one
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Let me begin by taking a DEEP breath and say Dolphins dodged a huge bullet yesterday at FedEX Field. No one saw this coming, third string QB with a dismantled team going up and down the field on a defense who quite frankly haven’t proven (yet) to be elite. So there I was well into the first half and thought to myself, “OMG the demons of 2014 and 2015 are coming back!”


Offense line

It was the worse half of football I’ve seen since last December against the Jets. Nothing was going on, offensive line had no push, stalled at the line of scrimmage. Lamar Miller was forced out of the game plan due to lack of push from the line. Tannehill at times seemed uncomfortable as if anticipating the hit. My heart stopped when Alberts went down, thinking this is the worst case scenario for the line aside from Pouncey going down. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and he came back in. The unit as a whole regrouped in last few minutes of the half and allowed Tannehill to execute a perfect two minute drill that trimmed the lead to three. Flaws are there and this unit needs to gel as competition will get better in coming weeks (Bills look damn scary)



First of all glad to hear Sims will be fine and wasn’t a serious injury. Amazing effort laying out on a overthrown pass from Tannehill. Aside from that a lot could of happened had Tannehill made some key throws. Overall the receiving group had a balanced attack, Cameron Jordan really got it going after Sims went down and made some great catches. Jennings was serviceable and made few catches to move the chains. Landry was a monster considering he was catching the ball all over the field and of course game winning punt return for TD. Still have this unit as the strongest and deepest on the team.



Ryan mother-f###ing Tannehill…… Not sure how to read into this game considering we won at the end. Tannehill missed a few throws that had potential to keep drives alive or add points on the board. He was all over the place, some contributed to the lack of push on the o-line and pressure from the defense. He was sacked a few times but I can honestly say 50% could have been avoided had he just tossed the ball away. He had one turnover on a sack that lead to a fumble, this of course him trying to break the tackle doing too much and ball got loose. One positive in the first half was the two minute drill where he was able to march down the field and get the 7 points before the half. Impressive drive and that’s what we need more of from him. Second half was more of the same but like to see more movement. Gotta believe with an average o-line and a mobile QB able to move the pocket and keep the defense on their heels.



Biggest head scratcher of the game was the defense. First half Alfred Morris was running wild with gaping holes that even I would gain yards running the rock. I expected more from the d-line as it was considered the strength of the team. Kudos to Washington they had a decent scheme against Suh with the chop blocking, double teams and running away from him. To this I have to say, it will require the rest to step up and handle their own. Secondary I think won the game keeping the passing attack in check and coming up with two huge INTs. Amazing INT from Brice McCain on the one handed grab (INT OF THE YEAR nomination?) Linebackers were pedestrian as always Koa Misi/Jelani Jenkins were soild with 11 tackles second behind Reshard Jones with 12. Depth on the LB is a concern so fingers crossed on no injuries.


Special Team

Both punter and place kicker did their job so no concern there after week one. Return and cover units did great as well as Jarvis Landry’s game winning punt return.



I am guilty in drinking the Kool-Aid a bit and dismissing the Skins before the game started. Dolphins need to improve and start the game better. This was a lucky game and probably should have lost it. But a win is a win and I will take the W. Come next week against the Jags things need to improve or we’re in a world of hurt.




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