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Sometimes it is better to be lucky then good as the the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills on Defense as Jeff Teul struggles after getting the nod .

Chiefs defense takes them to 9-0 with two touchdowns vs. Bills


It’s looking like the “Circus” has left the New York Jets facility and it’s making a home at Sun Life Stadium as the Martin situation keeps developing.

The Miami Dolphins 2013 fan conduct video is a little awkward now


Even with a rash of injuries Tom Brady looks to be back to his old form, amazing what having Gronkowski back can do to to a team in a rout of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

New England Patriots: Three 100-Yard Receivers Key Offensive …


The Jets hold on to the number 6th spot in the Wild Card for the playoffs by beating the high powered New Orleans Saints.  Fed-Ex just picked up the clown shoes and they are on their way to Miami.

Rex Ryan bests his brother again, as surprising Jets improve to 5-4

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