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Rex Ryan skips film study after bad New York Jets loss


  • By Dan Hanzus
  • Around the League Writer

For those who have followed the New York Jets in the Rex Ryan era, Sunday’s 49-9 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals summoned memories of another setback three years earlier.

It was a Dec. 6, 2010, matchup against the New England Patriots. The Jets pointed to the matchup as a measuring stick game … then went out and lost 45-3 on national television.

Rex Ryan famously gathered his players and buried the game ball from that night. He also skipped team film study of the loss, a move he’s now repeated following Sunday’s embarrassment.

“We handed out all the grade sheets to the players, and they’re going to watch the tape on their own but for us to sit in there, go over and it again, when we know exactly what happened, I thought it would be more beneficial to move on to New Orleans,” Ryan said Monday, via the New York Daily News. “Anybody that was on the sideline or played in that game knows what happened: We got our butts kicked.”

“I never buried the football this time,” Ryan went on. “What happened, happened, but you’re better off, we better move forward. That’s why I did what I did.”

That 2010 Jets team did right the ship, and even got revenge on the Patriots with an upset win in the playoffs. Of course, there’s a substantial gulf in talent separating that Jets team and the overachieving group that’s clawed to a 4-4 start in 2013.

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The Ryan Bowl: Saints vs. Jets

October, 28, 2013


By Mike Triplett |


The best part about the rivalry between twin brothers Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan? They’ve never been sh

y about describing how much it means to them — sometimes in very entertaining fashion.

Two of the NFL’s most dynamic personalities will face off once again on Sunday in New York. Rex is head coach of the New York Jets (4-4). Rob is defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints (6-1).



It’s a shame ……….that Rob doesn’t meet with the media until Fridays every week. Because the two ultra-competitive brothers don’t hesitate to take playful jabs at one another.

Rex once donned a long blond wig and wore a pillow under his shirt to imitate his brother before a matchup. And Rob wore a weight-room belt to mimic his brother’s lap band surgery.

The trash talking doesn’t stop after the matchups either. After Rex’s Jets beat Rob’s Dallas Cowboys two years ago, Rob admitted to the media that he heard about it afterward.

“He left some really unflattering messages, but it’s to be expected,” Rob said, describing the messages as rated “R or worse,” according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “There is no compassion there at all.”

But Rob promised at the time, “It’s coming back to him one of these days.”

With the Saints on a roll this year — and the defense especially playing so well all season long — Sunday’s matchup might offer Rob his best chance yet to finally beat Rex in a NFL game.


Nest Game: Saints 38- Jets 13

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