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New England Patriots – Who to Root For Week 13

New England Patriots – Who to Root For Week 13
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New England Patriots

Chance of making the playoffs

  • No Clinching Scenarios have emerged yet for the Patriots

  • Upcoming games which matter most to the Patriots
Week 13 Impact on the Patriots playoff chances
Patriots @ Packers If Patriots win +3.56% If Packers win -3.66%
Jets vs. Dolphins If Jets win +1.06% If Dolphins win -1.09%
Browns @ Bills If Browns win +0.67% If Bills win -0.69%
Buccaneers vs. Bengals If Buccaneers win +0.38% If Bengals win -0.39%
Saints @ Steelers If Saints win +0.22% If Steelers win -0.24%
Cowboys vs. Eagles If Cowboys win +0.13% If Eagles win -0.11%
Jaguars vs. Giants If Jaguars win +0.12% If Giants win -0.13%

So there you have it. At the cusp of Week 13 of the 2014 NFL season, the New England Patriots are all but assured a playoff berth. All they have to do now is hold on to home field advantage to make sure the road to the Super Bowl goes through Foxborough.


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