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New and Not So Improved Patriots edge the Same Old Jets

New and Not So Improved Patriots edge the Same Old Jets
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Another Ugly Win For the Patriots


There is certainly concern about Tom Brady’s new receivers and the injuries that have ravaged the Patriots Offense. However, it was the Same Old Jets that crash landed in rainy Foxboro Aaron Dobson on Thursday night losing 13-10 to the Patriots.

Regardless of how “Ripe for the Picking” the Patriots may have seemed, the beleaguered Jets came up short for the fifth time in a row against the Patriots who moved to 2-0 with two critical division wins.

Geno Smith finished the night 15 for 35 for 214 yards. Though Smith showed some flashes of competence, his three costly ‘Sanchez-like’ interceptions doomed any slim chances the Jets had to steal a win in Foxboro.

Tom Brady showed is frustration all night long with his new receivers who were running the wrong routes and dropping would be drive extending passes. The Jets Defense, surprisingly, played well keeping Brady uncomfortable in the pocket and containing the Patriots running game to 54 Yards on 24 carries. The Patriots were uncharacteristically only 4 for 18 on third down conversions.

Regardless of the Patriots Offensive challenges, the vaunted Jets Defense had absolutely no answer for Julian Edelman (13 rec. for 78 yards) who seemed to get open no matter how many Jets defenders were trailing him.

Aqib Talib led the Patriots defense charge by forcing a fumble and nabbing two of the three interceptions thrown by the Jets. Chandler Jones also had two of the four sacks that the Patriots defense delivered on the beleaguered Jets QB.

Pats Jets fightThe painfully slow demise of the Jets was highlighted near the end of the 4th Quarter when Jets Center Nick Mangold tackled Aqib Talib low and out of bounds after Talib nabbed his     second interception off of Geno Smith. The bush league Ndamukong Suh-like move pulled by Mangold resulted in a bench emptying fight between the Patriots and Jets. The Jets  unraveling resulted in the ejection of Willie Colon and D’Brickashaw Ferguson.

Overall it was another ugly win by the Patriots and fans can only hope that the extended time off will help heal some wounds and get some people on the same page. As for the Jets, it is another missed opportunity in the Rex Ryan era that NFL fans everywhere just expect as normal now.


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