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Of the AFC East teams, the New York Jets with 33 million is cap space will have the most difficulty in fielding a balanced team in 2014. The Jets didn’t start rebuilding in 2013; they started the demolition of the team, which becomes complete with the start of free agency. Now stripped down to the foundation they begin the rebuilding process. Idzik’s decisions in trading Revis and letting the clock run on the 13 million cap hit Dave Harris carried last year tell you the man meant business cleaning up the back loaded contracts.

After the expected cuts of Cromartie, Sanchez, & Holmes

The NY Jets current financial season starts close to here:

(A) ESTIMATED 2014 CAP  $           126,000,000.00
2013 CARRYOVER  $               1,500,000.00
(B) MAX CAP SPENDING  $           127,500,000.00
DEAD MONEY  $             13,000,000.00
AVAILABLE TO SPEND  $           114,500,000.00
(C)PRACTICE SQUAD AND DRAFT  $              (5,000,000.00)
(D) IR and IN SEASON REPLACEMENTS  $              (7,500,000.00)
CURRENT TOP 51 CONTRACTS  $             69,300,000.00
AVAILABLE TO SPEND  $             32,700,000.00

(A & B) the estimated 2014 cap figure subject to change

(C) money that will be spent this season

(D) estimate based on the teams prior history of the cap space it prefers to start the season with

The Jets have a lot of wheeling and dealing in front of them. There’s more cap money to be found in looking over a few contracts (David Harris comes to mind) and more than a few starters hitting free agency. It will be interesting to see what degree Idzik looks to free agency to fill some of the holes on offense. My impression of the man is he’ll go light in 2014 using the draft and younger players to fill out the roster. Maybe he’ll be more active in 2015 when there are fewer holes to fill and a free agent or two complete the roster. Don’t expect this man to spend it just because he has it however. Look for the Jets to field a team not quite ready for prime time, carry cap space into next year, and show up for real in 2015.

A general big picture overview of a team will never provide the insight of a dedicated fan of the team so to complete our article we asked one for his thoughts.

“GM Idzik doesn’t appear to b a big spender as Tannebaum was. MY guess is that he will only seek second tier FAs, in order to fill as many needs as possible. I see you have the NY Jets with a 7.5M carry over; I bet that number will be more like 13-15M. This CAP situation is far better than anything we have come to get used to in Jet Land. Good article”……….Luciano11



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