New York Jets Draft Preview


New York Jets Draft Preview
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The first of a weekly draft series for the AFCE starts with the worst team in the divison: The J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!


The New York Jets exceeded expectations last year. Many thought they were going to go 0-16 and Todd Bowles would be fired and Rex Ryan would return. However Bowles proved many of the haters wrong by overachieving on a team lacking talent in a lot of places and with Josh McCown at QB, went 5-11. Now with the offseason they have quite a few holes which the top of the draft could address
1. Quarterback
The Jets haven’t had a reliable QB since Mark Sanchez led them to two straight AFC Championship Games. Since then they have had the turnovers of Geno Smith, the ups and downs of Fitzmagic and Fitztragic and a washed up has been in Josh McCown.  Two years ago they invested a 2nd round pick in Christian Hackenberg and since then have pretended he didn’t exist. Instead they went with washed up has beens like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown, guys who they know aren’t the long term answer and they knew weren’t going to make the playoffs in 2016 or 2017. During that time Hackenberg has never seen the field and rarely got to practice either, it was as if Todd Bowles wanted nothing to do with him which could very well be the case. So the Jets still don’t have a franchise QB and their high draft pick has sat on the bench and at this point will never get an opportunity to play as long as Todd Bowles is in charge. The Jets however still need a QB and this draft would be a good spot to get one considering they will be picking in the top 10. Josh Rosen might fall to them as he is kind of a head case but the most likely choice is Josh Allen who some are comparing to Carson Wentz. Allen has all the tools you like in a QB and if Bowles actually wants to, would help him reach that potential.
2. Defense 
The most likely place the Jets go in the 1st round is defense. They drafted two safeties last draft and so far both have paid huge dividends. They could always address CB next or if they are feeling lucky, go safety in overrated Derwin James. Minkah Fitzpatrick would be the best choice as like Jalen Ramsey, he could play either position. They could also go defensive line as they seem to be done with Mo Wilkerson and could use pass rush anyway. Bradley Chubb would fit the bill as he is a solid pass rusher who also likes spitting on opposing team logos.  Fitzpatrick seems the most likely choice as the Jets have gone defense in the first round every year since 2010.
3. Skill Positions 
In the 2nd or 3rd round they could go skill positions if they so choose. WR could use some talent as Robbie Anderson is the only surefire talent they have at that position but long-term it still remains to be seen. At RB Matt Forte will probably be cut and Bilal Powell will never be anything more than a change of pace back. Nick Chubb or Sony Michel would be great choices as they could both be feature RBs and in the case of Chubb, would irritate a certain Patriots fan.  The Jets desperately need a boost at the running back position and in a deep RB draft like this, it would be a good place to look.
4. Other Positions
Other places the Jets could look at is offensive line. The Jets have some nice pieces on the line but could always use a solid LT which this draft has at the top end.  Also interior lineman could always use a mid to late round pick. Tight End is another position they could look at with someone like Ryan Izzo in the middle of the draft in the 4th-5th round who is solid in blocking and catching but not great in either. That would depend on if they keep Sefarian-Jekins long term.
In conclusion the Jets have some holes and depending on who they overpay in free agency (please be Kirk Cousins) they might go with the home run at QB or go with history and go defense first and ignore offense yet again.


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