NFL-AFCE 2018 Cap Update

NFL-AFCE 2018 Cap Update
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Welcome to Free Agency Wed.! 2018 season begins today, and with it, players will officially get traded, sign new contracts. Below there will be numbers, numbers matter in the NFL.

Everything a team does from today forward has a direct impact on this year’s cap numbers, but years to come as well, especially at this time next season. Mistakes become costly, and linger.

I apologize if when this is published, things have changed already. I called my bud Goodell, but he refused to delay things……..As of today, this is where each team stands financially speaking.

Not sure there are any players left to “officially” sign.
Buffalo Bills
Bills currently have 60 players under contract and a temporary cap availability of $28,342,307.

That number includes contracts for : Rafael Bush – Kyle Williams – Chris Ivory, but it may be slightly different depending on contract language, not yet known.

It does not included signed players: Star Lotulelei – Owamagbe Odighizuwa – Logan Thomas, because contracts terms as of the time I put this together, where not yet known.
Bills appear to be cleaning the house and gather enough chips to move up to top 5 to get their “franchise QB”
Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins currently have 58 players under contract, but we must assume that a few will be let go today. Biggest name is Ndamukong Suh, and how he is released will have an impact on this cap situation, which to be fair is a total mess. Dolphins currently are $11,432,645 over the cap.

That number includes: Danny Amendola – Albert Wilson, but it may be slightly different depending on contract language, not yet known.

It does not included signed player: Walt Aikens, and Suh. Aikens, final numbers not yet known. Suh is a special case. He will be released and Dolphins will get some relief now, about 4M, but can get maximum of $17M if designated June 1. The June designation also means that the relief will not appear until then, therefore Dolphins will have to keep Suh’s contract on current books……Its a mess!
Dolphins will need to make several moves by 4pm today to get under the cap.
New England Patriots
The Patriots are losing some big names, but it is the only team in the division that can most afford a lax free agency. Currently have 63 players under contract. Current cap space is $21,109,520

That number includes: Brandon King, but it may be slightly different depending on contract language, not yet known.

It does not included signed player: Nate Ebner
Patriots will be fishing for the numerous bargains that are left over after today’s rush.
New York Jets
The Jets came into this with the biggest balance in their check book, and many needs, especially at QB. The current cap space is $82,638,128

That number includes: Josh McCown

It does not include signed players: Teddy Bridgewater – Isaiah Crowell – Trumaine Johnson – Avery Williamson, although we have reported numbers, none are final and detailed.
The Jets are continuing to add pieces as the rebuilt continues, I expect to see more signings today, OLB? OL? TE?
Most of this info was obtained by comparing two major cap sites
If you wish to follow current signings and numbers, here is a good place to do it

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