Our Very Own NFL Mock Draft

Our Very Own NFL Mock Draft
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 On The Clock:  Bill O’Brien and the Houston Texans

The NFL commissioner thought it best to postpone this year’s NFL draft.  Although it seems to be a consensus at that his decision was wrong, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

As conversations on the blog continually slow down, many have expressed the need for some more stimulating content.

My proposal to pass the time is to do a community NFL Mock Draft over the next 30 days with a series of articles and polls.  I will post a daily article with a list of the top 10 remaining prospects, and an updated list of our draft.  Your job is to vote on who you believe the pick will be for each team.  Feel free to offer suggestions if you believe the prospect list is inaccurate.  In the end, we can compare our mock draft with the actual results of the NFL Draft and have a celebration of our communal genius.

The Houston Texans had a terrible 2013 season.  After finishing 2-14, their needs are numerous and glaring.  For a team that recently boasted one of the deepest rosters in the NFL, suddenly the team is looking for upgrades at almost every position.  Will the team go after a franchise QB with the pick?  Or will they gamble on Jadeveon Clowney or one of the top Offensive Tackles in the draft.

Here are the top ten prospects.  Houston is on the clock, and we are selecting the #1 overall pick.


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