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NFL – On The Sidelines

NFL – On The Sidelines
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NFL – On The Sidelines

Something New With A Familiar Aroma

I am sad to announce that the TNSA has filed for bankruptcy (Dolphin fans celebrating everywhere in the streets of Formosa). We have purchased their remaining assets and a new column is born: NFL – On the Sidelines. This past week, the long anticipated draft was held at Radio City, and there were some big winners, but man, there were also the big losers.

Winners: A
Texans, Rams, Raiders, Falcons, Bucs, Browns, Bengals
Good Job: B
Jags, Vikings, Giants, Bears, Steelers, Cowboys, Ravens, Jets, Saints, Chargers, Cardinals, Panthers, 49ers, Broncos, Bills
Acceptable: C
Titans, Dolphins, Chiefs, Eagles, Seahawks, Colts, Packers
Better Luck Next Time: D
Patriots, Lions, Redskins

This week, another long anticipated event took place – the ESPN Rankings!!! You have to love the “experts” in Bristol and their thinking. They basically gave the Patriots a passing grade in the Draft, yet they moved up one spot. On the other hand, the Bills, who acquired the best WR, and the Jets, who acquired the best FS, both moved down two spots. The poor Dolphins moved down six.

Back to the Draft:

Regardless of what the “I love the Pats Experts” say, Bill Belichick’s drafting abilities are incredibly bad, and have been for years! Why do they keep winning? Thank You, Tom Brady; where would we be without you?!? The Jets went from having the most giving GM to the most frugal one; go figure. Idzik had 12 picks, 12, and does he maybe trade two or three of them to move up and get a decent WR? NO!!!! I hope John has a clue, because I’m confused. The Bills made the biggest move on Day One, and they got totally thrashed. Hard to argue that Pettine and the Browns fleeced them, but man! Watkins is legit! The Dolphins? I’m not sure if the new GM realized that he can now make moves without permission. What in the world was he thinking? You could have had James at least a round later, and gained another pick or two.

MY NFL Rankings:

Elite 9:

SeahawksBroncos49ersPatriotsSaints – PanthersCardinalsBengalsPackers

10 fighting for a playoff spot:

EaglesColtsSteelersChiefsRavens – BearsChargersBillsRamsJets

7 trying to become relevant:

CowboysGiantsBrowns – Falcons – LionsDolphinsBuccaneers

6 complete losers:

RedskinsTitansVikings – JaguarsRaidersTexans


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