NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back

Luciano 11

NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back
Luciano 11
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Gronk’s Island


Apparently the one year Revis spent in New England rubbed off onto Gronk. He actually has a real Gronk’s Island, in the Bahamas, another American Millionaire investing his money outside the US.

Currently his family is having a cruise that takes you to this island,  party boat in every sense. Actually sounds like a fun boat. The weird part? Gronk likes to watch others have sex?



Good for Gronk, you only live once, and money talks; but I wonder if this was his good friend Johnny Manziel, how would the world, NFL, team have taken it?




In the News


I have had a free Sports Illustrated subscription for many years, actually forget how. Needless to say, I actually do not read most of them, as they get handed to my step son. Then there was Friday…. The new Swimsuit Issue arrived, step son can forge it.


Bilal Powell made a name for himself during the Jets stretch run that almost led to a playoff birth, he will cash it in. One player I would like to see the Jets re-sign.


Pablo Sandoval! Wow, how can anyone that looks like this (see below this paragraph) actually get paid to play a sport? This is what has been wrong with baseball for a long time, you can eat your family in the off season, report fat, get paid (guaranteed money), take a small amount of abuse, all forgotten with the first homer you hit. So what if you look like a hippopotamus running around the bases?


2     1

Lamar Miller feels he deserves to get paid and be a featured back. Although, I do believe that he will get his wish, Lamar needs to look in a mirror, because he disappeared for weeks at a time,


Demario Davis, the one that was called “another Ray Lewis” by Rex Ryan is a free agent. The majority of the media, or at least those that rarely watch Jets games, are all excited that such a young player is available. Truth is, Todd Bowles grew tired of his lackadaisical play and was benched for many snaps in the second half of the season. Demario also led the Jets in missed tackles….Good riddance!


We are just over two weeks away from real NFL news and excitement, can’t wait!


Outside of Sports


The more I try to follow today’s race for the White House, the more confused I get. Not by the issues at hand, nor the candidates making bold impossible to achieve statements and promises; heck, that is Being a Politician 101. What amazes me is that we, the most advanced and most sophisticated population on the planet, in 2016, with the ability to speak into a phone and get the answer to what is being said……we buy into it………..are we really that stupid?


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