NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back

Luciano 11

NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back
Luciano 11
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Peyton may or may not retire


Is this ever going to be decided? A report says that Peyton will announce his retirement. Then it gets denied. Seriously who the f…. cares? Dude should have retired years ago, but, hey, he won the SB, the way Trent Dilfer did, so I’m wrong!


Peyton Manning has been a game changer for the QB position, but this drama has become stupid. Manning please go away! You are done! How dare I say that? He didn’t win the SB, the Denver D did. Heck, he didn’t even get them into the playoffs, Brock Osweiler did. Everyone has suddenly forgotten that Peyton was benched in favor of Brock, then it became an injury excuse. He played poorly the entire first half of the season, and everyone blamed Kubiak’s schemes. Fact is Peyton was bad, and we saw that again in the SB.


I actually doubt Manning retires, he will want to prove everyone wrong. He and the Broncos will part ways, but Manning will end up on a team he will feel, he can take to the promised land. Huge Mistake! He has been done!…I hope I’m wrong.


In the News


Rex is very excited to have Antonio Cromartie, I’m excited for Rex!


Robert Griffin trade or not to trade; let’s face it, RG will be cut, period!


If the Eagles cannot re-sign Sam Bradford, their entire off-season strategy of a year ago was useless and dumb. Signing Sam to a long term deal would be even dumber!


DeMarco Murray has seller’s remorse. I guess the problem wasn’t racist Chip, maybe Murray has learned that he actually sucks without a great OL.


All this fuss over Colin Kaepernick is ridiculous at best. I’m beginning to think that most of the leaks are coming from the 49ers themselves and not Colin’s camp. Keep has been on the level of Geno Smith, why would anyone take on that stupid contract?…..did you hear me Mehta?

The NFL combine: watching guys run and do other stupid meaningless contest, wearing spandex, all day long, makes you a real die-hard, or a someone that really needs a life!


Outside of Sports


This November we may be voting for two politicians to lead our country for four years, and both may be from the same party and or beliefs, even if one says otherwise. To make it historic, the winner should be president and the loser vice-president. We have choices, God Bless America!


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