NFL WC Weekend, Jan. 4-5

NFL WC Weekend, Jan. 4-5
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I was at a New Year’s Eve party at a restaurant in scenic Lawrence, Massachusetts that had dinner, dancing and three local comedians.  The third comedian  made a reference to the Patriot’s current situation and the audience let out a “we don’t want to hear about it” BOO to which the comic responded, “I know it sucks, right?”  I immediately thought, this shows how unbelievably spoiled we Patriot fans are.  62.5% of the teams in the National Football League have cleared out their lockers.  Their fans are talking about new coaches, the 2020 draft and next year.  Only 8 teams are guaranteed to host a playoff game and ours is one of them.


Don’t get me wrong.  I was angry and disappointed with Sunday’s loss at home to the last place Dolphins in a crucial seeding game.  That loss took us from this magnificent, incredible run is coming to an end but just maybe one more year to “oh damn, the end is most likely here”. (Notice I said most likely, I am a fan)


Here are some things Patriots fans should do:


APPRECIATE WHAT WE HAVE HAD – Ridiculous, unprecedented Success

  • 9 appearances and 6 championships in the past 18 years (an SB every other year)
    • 13 AFCC appearances and 9 AFCC titles.  8 consecutive appearances in the AFCC
    • 11 straight division titles, 17 in 19 years
    • Having arguably the best QB and HC of all time, certainly the best combination

I could go on but just accept that this is not normal!  The Patriots have been named the team of the decade since the turn of the Millennium.




Fans are pissed we have to play on Wild Card Weekend.  Ticket prices are lower on the secondary market than for regular season games.  January nighttime game in NE but so was the tuck rule game which sold out with a blizzard.  Get your sh!t together.  Your team is hosting a playoff game.




Opposing fans will be singing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” and laughing and calling names if and when the Patriots get knocked out.  Blood in the water, wolf at the door, all of that.  We should be watching history.  


There is a very strong possibility that The Fellowship of The Rings is broken after this season.  Will Belichick and/or Brady retire or go to other teams?  McDaniels is most likely gone (meh).  Will Scar stay on?


Here is to watching the game, rooting the team on and hoping for one more vintage Brady/Belichick/Patriot team performance Saturday night.  If they can pull it off and move on they should and will be heavy underdogs in KC but maybe……….


Oh, and I am picking the Patriots to win a close one Saturday night.  Did you really expect anything else?

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