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Taiwanese News Sports Agency Special Report
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Week 11 – Life in the AFC East


The TNSA is proud to be able to bring you occasional Breaking News from the NFL, but our latest addition is of most relevance, The “ What I Wish This Week”

Disclaimer: please do read, but do not bet your house on my account!


At TNSA we have never liked Mr. Stat, or as you know him, Mickey Rivers…. oh wait; Mick The Quick was actually good. Rivers has been a stat machine his entire career, but none ever translates to big wins. His attitude is made for Southern Cali (much like Sanchez eating a hot dog). In Taiwan we call him Testa di Cazzo.

Why does this matter?

Dolphins D will stuff his arrogant face and win this game. The Fins have had all sorts of issues off the field and have lost 4 of 5 since that distant 3-0 start. Not this week

Chargers – Dolphins = 17-24



A divisional game that has been breaking hearts dating back to early AFL days; Bills are a very improved team defensively (thank you Rex for teaching Pettine), and to me the second best D in this division (regardless what the stats gurus will try to prove). Offensively they are very much a work in progress. Losing EJ for a portion of the season has hurt the flow you would expect to have by week 11. Bills don’t know what they want to do offensively. Are they a running/passing team? Frankly I don’t think they know. Again may have to do with the instability of the QB position.

Jets have been Dead Green Walking since day one of this NFL year, or at least we were convinced of that. Jets run well, but the weapon they now have is the homerun ball, and with injured players coming back, they will go back to it.

Jets – Bills = 27-17



I have debated this pick over and over, why? Because if this was a normal NE game, no contest. But it isn’t. Patriots have been a strange team to pick this year. Defense has improved for sure, and the offense seems to be back in form.; at least it was against Pitt. So why even wonder? The game is at Carolina.

The Panthers are built very similarly to the teams that have been able to beat the Pats this year (Bengals and Jets), and both beat them at home. Panthers have a tough hard-nosed defense, the kind that has given NE the most fits. The NE OL is not healthy, and Brady has been dropped more than recent memory.

Patriots – Carolina = 15-21



By Luciano11

TNSA Special Report


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