NFL Week 2 – 32 Thoughts

NFL Week 2 – 32 Thoughts
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With Week 2 of the 2014 NFL season in the books, here are some quick observations for all 32 teams after this week’s exciting action.

Arizona Cardinals: I guess no QBs are needed to beat the Giants these days. How about this one for a weird stat: Cardinals are 8-2 in their last 10 games going back to 2013.

Atlanta Falcons: How do the Falcons backup a huge Week 1 victory? By laying an egg in Cincinnati.   Matt Ryan 3 interceptions. OUCH!

Baltimore Ravens: Ravens looked pretty solid against the folks from the Pittsburgh nursing home.

Buffalo Bills: Nice view from the AFCE Penthouse huh? If EJ maintains his 95.4 QB rating, this team could have a chance for the playoffs.

Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton may still need to shake off some of the Kryptonite but that Carolina Defense came to play on Sunday.

Chicago Bears: Brandon Marshall is a beast. How about this: The Bears’ comeback was the largest half time deficit that the team came back and won since 2006 at the Cardinals…You know, the “They are who we thought they were” game.

Cincinnati Bengals: Big win for the Bengals especially after losing AJ Green. Everyone in Cincinnati will be holding their breath to see how serious Green is hurt.

Cleveland Browns: Huge win for Hoyer the Destroyer. That should calm the Manziel chants for another quarter.

Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys proved that the best way to put their defense in a position to be successful is to not put them on the field.

Denver Broncos: Two weeks in a row the Broncos have had to hold off late comebacks by their opponents. However I think the Broncos Offense is just sandbagging and not trying to run up the score on teams.

Detroit Lions: I guess the Panthers are a little better than the Giants. Turnovers really doomed Detroit on Sunday.

Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rogers proved that he is no Derrick Carr. Also Dee Milliner on Jordy Nelson had to be the biggest mismatch of the weekend.

Houston Texans: Nothing like a game against the Raiders to make Ryan Fitzpatrick look like a superstar.

Indianapolis Colts: Sitting at 0-2 is not where most people thought this Preseason Super Bowl pick was going to be.  Monday Night’s lost may be one of those games the Colts look back at if they end up outside of the playoff picture.

Jacksonville Jaguars: That 17-0 lead on the Eagles seems like such a long time ago after giving up 10 sacks to the Redskins.

Kansas City Chiefs: Valiant effort but in the end the injuries to this team may cost them a chance at making a playoff run.

Miami Dolphins: The Week 1 parade came to an abrupt halt on the shores of Lake Erie on Sunday. Having Tannehill throwing the ball almost 50 times is a recipe for disaster.

Minnesota Vikings: Tough day for the Vikings but with Cassel throwing 4 interceptions, it really doesn’t matter who else was playing or not.

New England Patriots: Suicide watch is off for another week in Bean-Town. Not an overly impressive victory but Chandler Jones should get some consideration for Special Teams Player of the Week.

New Orleans Saints: Another defensive masterpiece led by someone with the last name “Ryan”.

New York Giants: The last time the Giants looked this bad they went on to win the Super Bowl. This year, however, it may be a different story.

New York Jets: If there is one game that sums up Rex Ryan’s tenure as the Jets Head Coach, last Sunday’s matchup against Green Bay might have been that game.

Oakland Raiders: With games @New England, home for San Diego, and home for Arizona on the horizon, the Raiders season may be over before November.

Philadelphia Eagles: Back to back wins after trailing by 14 points or more at halftime, the Eagles are the early “Cardiac Kids” of the NFL.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Calling the Steelers ‘old and slow’ would be insulting to old and slow people everywhere.

Saint Louis Rams: Big win for the Rams led by some guy named Austin Davis at QB. Weird that the Rams seem Hell bent on going back to Shaun Hill once he is healthy.

San Diego Chargers: Philip Rivers actually looking like a real NFL QB again and leading the Chargers to a big win over the Seahawks. The Mathew’s injury could be huge but it seems that guy in injured all the time anyway.

San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers really missed an opportunity to move a game ahead of Seattle with that implosion on Sunday night. Kaepernick really led his team into the ground at every opportunity.

Seattle Seahawks: 10 days of reading press clipping on how great you are could have an adverse effect when an actual game is played.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Hey Tampa Fans – Welcome to “Lovie-Ball”.

Tennessee Titans: Titans are not a good enough team turn the ball over multiple times and have a chance of winning…even against Dallas.

Washington Redskins: RGIII out – Cousins in. The Redskins might actually have a chance to be good now.


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