No Man’s Quarterback


No Man’s Quarterback
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The Miami Dolphins yet again loss this week as the Cleveland Browns QB Cody Kessler outplayed Ryan Tannehill by a mile. The real reason why the Dolphins loss, and why they haven’t made the playoffs since Marino left is because of their Quarterback, Ryan Tannehill.  Since 2012, the Dolphins have never made the playoffs and the only reason was because of the play of Ryan Tannehill and until he’s gone, the Dolphins will never make the playoffs.
The mistake that was Ryan Tannehill started in April of 2012. The Dolphins overdrafted a converted WR who was horrible in college with the 8th overall pick. They then started him over the far superior Matt Moore and even gave him all the help he needed, trading Brandon Marshall awau. That led to a 7-9 record and a clear sign he was not going to be the answer. To try to make him happy they invested heavily in the offense. They signed elite WR Mike Wallace and addressed the offensive line by moving Jonathan Martin next to his best friend Richie Incognito and in the last second signing Ryan Clady. This offense had top 5 talent at everywhere at QB and it showed. With the season on the line….twice, Tannehill fell flat on his face, losing to a QB named Thad Lewis and a guy who thinks turnovers are a good thing. In 2014 they tried to solve all the problems by bringing in Bill Lazor to fix Tannehill. It had mixed results, they ignored the best RB in the NFL in Lamar Miller and instead relied on Tannehill to sling it around. The only reason the Dolphins didn’t finish was the defense bailed them out the last 6 games of the season. After 2014 I confirmed Tannehill was never going to be the answer. Then 2015 confirmed that as he was now intentionally letting footballs hike over his head for safeties.
For the third time in 2016, the Dolphins tried to save Tannehill by hiring a head coach who specializes in fixing QBs. He taught Peyton how to pass drug tests and made Cutler not get cut, Tannehill would be a walk in the park. However like anyone with a brain could realize, Tannehill is still terrible. It actually has gotten worse, as his terrible play has spread to other players. Kenny Stills now can’t catch and Jarvis Landry thinks backwards means forwards. This is a big reason why the Dolphins are 0-3 and probably will finish 0-16 unless a QB change happens. 5 years wasted on a QB who probably couldn’t even start for the Montreal Alouettes.  They fired a great Head Coach in Joe Philbin because of Tannehill and wasted the prime of Matt Moore’s career. They’re wasting the most talented team in the NFL because of Ryan Tannehill.
The good news is it looks like the coaching staff gets it too. Adam Gase was very unhappy with Tannehill’s play and was disgusted after every TD pass.  After every touchdown the other team scored you could see him yelling at Tannehill for his poor play causing it. So the good news is if the Dolphins lose a couple more games (which they will), Gase will make the QB change we all want, put in Tim Tebow.


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