… and its now twice! What does it mean?

Luciano 11

… and its now twice! What does it mean?
Luciano 11
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The Patriotic Shuffle continues

Bills fans have been made fun for years, at least this century anyway. Because of their numerous excuses for their management/owner making bad decisions, we even gave them a name, Circling the Wagons. Dolphins fans are constantly on the fence for organizing parades. Jets fans are loud mouths losers. I give you the Patriotic Shuffle!

As most of us level headed individuals thought, there was some wrong doing to be punished. The only question was how much of a punishment, because let us all face it, the evidence was there, unless you Patriotically Shuffled your way  into convincing yourself that it was all a coincidence.

Personally, as I thought the penalty would be 6 games with a huge fine to the organization. Frankly it was worst yet not enough. I know the Shufflers would say: “This is better than I thought” or “ they had no evidence, so what”, “ we still go 16-0” “We still have the second best QB in division”….blah blah blah!

Brady gone for the first four games puts a lot of pressure on an unproven backup QB. I also read some Shufflers write that they won with Cassel, so what?

LMAO! And I mean very loud!

That team had a good defense and an offense second to none. The year before they had flirted with Shula’s record. Cassel was just a pawn that needed to not turn it over. This team is not that team. Some truths:

  1. Yes you do have a lot of time to prepare and get Garoppolo ready, but that means that Tom will have less reps and a harder time getting ready for game 5.
  2. This team is not a good running team and it cannot live off the run
  3. This OL was as good as Brady’s quick release. Garoppolo will get killed
  4. This defense has lost so many pieces that in itself it will need time to gel, if ever

Recent years the Patriots have been slow starters, last two season we had them basically dead after 4-5 games. It will take Brady even longer to shed the rust this time around. This translates to losses to the Steelers, Bills and  Cowboys for sure, with a close game against the Jags. They get a rusty Tommy back for the Colts, in Indy, followed by divisional games at home against the Jets and Dolphins. I can hear you Patriotic Shufflers: Jets suck, Dolphins suck, blah blah blah!

This brings me to Mr. kraft, an owner I have lost a world of respect for. We tend to make fun of Bills owners, Woody and Ross, yet, this senile dude has lied to the world on camera demanding an apology!!! WE ALL WANT ONE NOW!

If Bill Belichick had no idea about this, then you are a victim of too much Shuffling. Because if he really did not, then he is far more clueless than the guy you (I) call Clueless Joe. And for that I would suspend him as well. ITS YOUR LOCKER ROOM BILL! OWN IT! Saints and Sean Payton should sue the NFL!

NFL Ruling:

  1. Tom Brady was lucky he only received 4 games. If he appeals, I would find a way to tack on another 2. Tom broke a rule that all NFL employees must live by, and that is to fully co-operate with the NFL. He lied, and admitted guilt by refusing to turn over his phone records. He was caught during a championship game. NFL was really nice to him on the ruling
  2. Kraft and the Pats organization received the biggest penalty, maybe unjustly. I do think that Kraft opening his arrogant mouth at the SB has worked against him, but, I also think this penalty was not about DeflateGate. I’m sure that when the original infraction happened, and the team lost a #1, Goodell also told them “this is it, no more, or else”. The #1, #4 and 1M are a huge penalty that is more about being repeated offenders than this one case.
  3. Bill Belichick totally escaped, unless you consider having to play Garoppolo for 4 games, penalty enough. Bill has been the architect/manager/GM/brain behind this team, and he was all those things for both infractions. The NFL is incredibly inconsistent, because Bill should have been gone for a year, same as Payton was.

All the Patriotic Shuffling in the world will not make this stain go away!


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