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NY Jets Camp Update

NY Jets Camp Update
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NY Jets Camp 2014

Florham Park,, August 20th

We are in the last week of camp, the first in Florham Park. Been a very good camp overall, with the exception of some unfortunate injuries. Geno has done everything he was asked to do coming into camp. He has mastered Mornhinweg’s Offense, and it clearly shows. Decision-making seems to be better than a year ago, when he looked completely lost.

Notes going into today:

  1. Shaq Evans and Dexter McDougle are on season ending IR
  2. Jalen Saunders showed to practice but only participated in meetings. The young man has an undisclosed medical condition that may jeopardize his season. He will address the media today.
  3. Decker, Cumberland, Ivory and Patterson are nursing injuries, but all seem ok for the opener.
  4. Dee Milliner is progressing and wants to be available against the Raiders.
  5. Drafted WRs are injured, that opens the door to some vets. Good battles between Jacoby Ford, Greg Salas, Clyde Gates and David Nelson. I think Gates becomes the odd man out.

Day 28 – Today’s practice started at 10. Here are some tidbits from today:

  1. Chris Johnson worked on the sidelines with trainers, day off.
  2. Jets practiced at half speed, mostly for scout purposes.
  3. LeQuan Lewis Making plays early, kid wants to make the team.
  4. Jets treating practice as if it were a regular season week
  5. Geno was off on a few passes, apparently he likes full speed
  6. Saunders assured everyone that he will be back soon and that his future is not in jeopardy. Contrary to earlier reports he never passed out, and it is not a pre-existing condition.

My thoughts:

The NY media makes me laugh daily. Apparently its important that Rex puts a label on Geno’s starting situation. Who cares? The depth chart shows him first, he takes most of practice snaps, and he has played as the starter all preseason games. Why does it matter to us (Because after all, media is reporting to us) whether Rex says he’s the starter or not?

I hope the Jets keep Dee out of the Oakland game, to make sure he heals completely. We need him more for the next 6 games after that. If the Jets can go 3-4 in the first seven, they may win 10, because the back nine have a lot of winnable games. Don’t panic, I’m not predicting 10, but a 3-4 start would make that possible.

There will be games when we will see three TEs with CJ, Decker and Kerley’ Sudfeld is making sure of that, and Morty’s system is perfect for such scenario.

Speaking of Chris Johnson, he maybe the quietest pickup with the biggest impact of any other this off-season. If healthy, with a lot to prove, Johnson may be on a mission.

Jets and Giants always go all out in this coming game, I hope neither side has any injuries.


Quotes of the day:

  1. Idzik on salary cap: “There’s plans for our cash.” Says that will allow them to be successful in the future
  2. Coach Dunbar says preseason game #3 means it’s time to ‘blow the horn and kick the tires”
  3. Mike Vick running out of patience for questions about QB job: “We do have a starter for this football team.”
  4. Jalen Saunders said it was “a shocking situation” and “it was something unusual,” but won’t say what exactly happened during the accident


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