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NY-Jets Week 5 recap

NY-Jets Week 5 recap
Luciano 11
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NY-Jets @ Chargers


Before we review the great feat in the west let me give you my quick review of the other divisional games.

The Bills looked like they were going to be blown out, especially after Orton threw the pick 6. The defense kept them in the game. Orton will get all the credit, however, I still believe that EJ wins this game as it played out; especially if he had Sammy making the same acrobatic catches. Congrats Bills!

Tom Brady was so tired of the questions he had thrown at his face all week that he entered the game and took the team on his shoulders. He set the tempo, the team followed. Bengals never had a chance. Note on the game, Revis was finally allowed to police his island and he responded with his best game since he was a Jet; strange because the rest of the defense was playing more of a zone. Congrats Pats!


The Jets arrived in San Diego and never really stepped out of the plane, not sure who was on that field. The Chargers were dominant in every aspect; the Jets were never in the game. I wrote in my weekly picks that the Jets needed to continue to make opponents one-dimensional if they wanted the game to be close. That didn’t happen, SD ran extremely well, setting the tone for the day.

Very little to review here, other than that San Diego may have finally found the right formula to get to the SB, this team looks solid and Rivers is playing his best football to date.

The story line will be Geno/Vick. Geno was benched as the second half started. Jets were hoping for a jolt, a spark, but that never happened, as Vick looked as anemic as Geno did. The Jets did not cross the 50-yard line until a pass interference call in the fourth quarter. Geno goes back to start this week, as he should. Like I wrote last week, the team is not winning anything, so why not keep developing the kid.

Move on to Denver… if that is easier.


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