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On site observations of Patriots at Buccaneers

On site observations of Patriots at Buccaneers
S/R Staff
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After a wonderful 62 mile ride to The Razor that only took 2 ½ hours, we parked the car about ¾ of a mile away from the stadium for a mere $20 and marched on in. Here is what we saw:

• Brady showed no limp or other problems and was ridiculously good in the two series he played (10 for 11 and spread the ball around)
• After the touchdown on the first drive the Patriots (ever in search of situational practice) went for two and made it
• Amendola and Edelman both had catches and neither got hurt
• The Patriot first units were a lot better than those of the Bucs for the only two series they played
• Josh Freeman is not a top tier quarterback
• Ryan Mallett started slowly but got better as the quarter progressed. He played like a capable backup. I don’t think teams will be calling the Patriots to part with a first round draft pick for him
• Zach Sudfeld can play. He pulled in a nice juggling td pass from Mallett and had another nice catch
• Tim Tebow was flat out awful. He looks worse in person than he does on television. You can see his indecision. He holds the ball too long many times and locks in on one receiver and does not see other wide open guys. Tebow missed receivers in every way imaginable (bounced passes, overthrew and threw behind) and was easily picked. He completed 1 pass for negative two yards in 7 attempts
• There are many good beer choices at Gillette and they all cost too much. I dropped $44 for four large Goose Island IPAs for our group.
Left the game and traveled those same 62 miles in an hour and 45 minutes getting us home at 1:30 AM. Oh, the final score was Patriots 25 and Bucs 21.


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