Patriots Keep Elite Company – Power Rankings

Patriots Keep Elite Company – Power Rankings
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This weekend the AFC East’s hopes of going undefeated outside of the division came crashing down when the Jets and Dolphins were dismantled by the Titans and Saints respectively. New England looked the best they have all year dropping 30 points on the Falcons, albeit showing a need to replace Sudfeld on the hands. The Patriots defense also got a major test, needing a stop against “Matty Ice” and the potent Falcons’ offense to preserve a victory. The Bills made Superbowl XLVII MVP and noted unibrow enthusiast, Joe Flacco, look like a rookie (or Sanchez). They forced five fortuitous Flacco flukes for number five. Enough talk about QBs who only seem to play well in the playoffs though (sorry Peyton, that’s not you), here’s week 4’s Power Rankings Compilation:


What’s next for the AFC East?

The Patriots travel to Cincninatti looking to continue their unbeaten season and potentially move up in the top 4 while the Dolphins will look to rebound as they host the reigning Super Bowl champions. The Jets face a steep challenge this week in Atlanta as they face an increasingly desperate Falcons squad and the Bills will try and crack .500 for the first time under Marrone’s tutelage Thursday night in the seemingly annual Bills vs Browns match-up.


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