Patriots off to a surprising start

Patriots off to a surprising start
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There were no offseason championships, in fact the off season for the Patriots, raised more questions than trophies.

All of the leading receivers from past seasons are gone, including both Tight Ends, which the team had relied heavily on running a two Tight End set much of the time. The replacements are young, fragile, and or inexperienced. Despite these and other challenges  the Patriots have managed to start the season out at 5-1.

It is interesting as to how they have done it, ugly wins, last minute miracles, blessings leftover from the Time Lord period, never the less they are 5-1.

Brady’s final drive against the Saints was Hall of Fame material. Doesn’t matter that the Saints had mis-managed the clock, or that their play calling was a little too conservative in the end. That is all part of the game.

The most impressive part to me was how quickly the Patriots were able to get lined up and get the plays off. Even a hurt Edelman was getting back and set in time. By the way Edelman took a huge hit in that final drive, hopefully he is ok, he has been a big part of the Patriots success.

When we discuss the Patriots naturally the discussion turns to Tom Brady, and he was brilliant in yesterdays final minute. This year the defense has been very impressive also, keeping the Patriots in the game long enough for the future Hall of Fame quarterback to find a connection with one of the newbies just long enough to squeak out a W.

I am not a stat guy, most of the time when the stat conversations start up my eyes glaze over because this is a team sport and normally the stat convos are about individuals. Too often a running back gets credit when he runs behind a great line. Great quarterbacks have wide receivers that go up and bring the ball down, the best defensive backs are on teams with a strong pass rush. There is only one stat that really matters and it is the W in the record column and the Patriots have 5 of them. In the end nothing else matters.


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