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Patriots: Walking Through the Mine Field

Patriots: Walking Through the Mine Field
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Patriots: Walking Through the Mine Field

by Northshorepsbc

The Patriots were fortunate to start their schedule with the likes of Minnesota and Oakland in weeks 2 and 3 when the offensive line was in shambles and the defense had not yet began to gel.  Even Mr. Brady was playing below par.

New England started out 2-2 before moving “on to Cincinnati” where they righted the ship and were 6-2 heading into November.  The next five games on the schedule were a “mine field” of good teams with quarterbacks P. Manning, Luck, Stafford, Rodgers and Rivers.   These games were considered make or break for the Patriots.

Denver – Being at Gillette probably helped but the Patriots unexpectedly totally dominated the donkeys.  Manning threw for a ridiculous amount of yards as usual and then said “I stunk”.

@ Indianapolis – This was almost a repeat of the Denver game but on the road.  It could have been a bigger blowout except Brady had a brain fart towards the end of the first half and threw a really silly interception.  Of course, he regrouped and was terrific in the second half…and hello Jonas Gray (a.k.a. – sleepy head).

Detroit – (Before this game I wrote): Possible trap game and the patriots need to KBU (keep Brady upright) with the Detroit d-line.  I expect an ugly game with the Patriots winning

Well, the Patriots did win but it was not ugly (from the Patriots side).  New England dominated the game. Green Bay won today to so……..

@ Green Bay – Welcome to Mr. Rodgers neighborhood.  This will be a very tough game for the Patriots to win.  They cannot afford to R-E-L-A-X.  Expect a shootout.  It seems like Green Bay never gets criticized for their weak defense.  They are 29th against the run. (may be a big reason the Patriots signed Blount)

@San Diego – Which San Diego team will show up?  Rivers is having a great year but he never seems to come through in the clutch

Added to the Mine field – Miami – Tannehill does not fit into the group of QBs above but he is having a good year.  Depending on what happens in the weeks leading up to this game, this one could have playoff and possibly division standing implications.  However, just like how the Patriots do not usually play well in Miami, the Dolphins usually flounder in New England.


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