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Pick’em Results

Pick’em Results
S/R Staff
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There appears to be some confusion on how the Pick’em Challenge will declare a winner and i would like to take this time to explain and get your opinion on how you would like to proceed in regards to the Season Champion.

Currently the system is laid out as follows:

There is a weekly winner named each week – the ultimate goal is to win as many weeks as possible. This is done this way to allow people to enter the challenge and still have a shot at winning. Also not every one plays every week so missing a week of play will not hurt the chances of winning by much. I set it up this way as a fair approach because the pick’em was new and it would mitigate any  hiccups on my part.

As of now the current winner(s) with the most weeks are CJ, Hooded and cgc tied with 3 weeks a piece. In second place we have Cknuckles with one week.

Conversely the players with the most points are:

1. cknuckles60191 145
2. the hooded genius 145
3. Spot The Looney 140
4. ioki 138
5. mikesfriedrice 120
6. rcr1959 118
7. Robert Adkins 118
8. ArcherNoles 112
9. Linkage 112
10. CJ 97
11. cgc5783 96
12. SlickVinny 66
13. nikvoodoo 54
14. scottmankins 42

Note: Scottmankins is actually tied for 6th place with 118 points

So now we have two options on deciding the winner and i will leave it to all of you to decide with the poll below. I have set 3 options to choose from but if someone has any other suggestions please feel free do discuss them. The only goal here is to make it as fair as possible for all those who play weather late or from the start. Please only vote once, the poll will be up for the rest of the day and then it will be shut down by tomorrow morning.

Explaining the choices

Winner of Most Weeks

As of now we have multiple first place winners with 3 weeks a piece. Given the fact that we still have 8 weeks left to play in the regular season it is still anyones game. If the current three 1st place holders don’t win any more weeks someone with 0 wins can come in and take 4 out of the 8 weeks to win it all.

Total Points Earned

The top 3 in this category have not changed much through out the season and to keep your score up one has to play each and every week so as not to fall to far behind in points. Here is where the 5 points for predicting the actual score is paramount. Players that started late or missed a couple of weeks will have a hard time trying to catch up and vie for the top spot. With half the season over it is highly unlikely anyone entering now will come close to winning the challenge.

Percentage of Wins

This way we can take into account how many weeks are played versus points scored as a percentage. So, if someone only plays 4 weeks of pick ’em but gets 80% of the predictions correct they still have a shot at it even if someone has played all 17 weeks and only got 70% correct. Basically who ever ends up with the highest winning percentage from the weeks they played will be crowned the winner of the Pick’em regardless of total scores for the season or week, instead it will be as an aggregate vs actual weeks played.

How should we declare the Pick’em Champion free polls 

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