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Potential Impact of Michael Vick to the Jets

Potential Impact of Michael Vick to the Jets
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The New York Jets front office has been deliberate this off season when it comes to free agency negotiations. Even with a large amount of cap space and a good number of draft picks, the Jets will not fall into a frivolous rebuilding approach. Fans on the other hand are upset over Idzik’s seeming inactivity but the goal is not to be the off-season champs.


With that said, thinks could be changing in New York as the Jets seem to be ins serious discussions with veteran quarterback Michael Vick. Despite missing out on coveted free agents at the cornerback position, something they can easily address in the draft, Vick would add tremendous value as a back up to Geno Smith and help in his growth.

There is still no clear cut answer for the fans regarding QB Mark Sanchez who is due a bonus of $2 million come March 25th. But the aggressive stance on acquiring Michael Vick makes it a bit lear that if they manage to sign him, Sanchez will be shown the door with out serious roster modifications. New York wants an experienced signal caller on the roster and Vick is just that player.

Last season, Vick registered a 54.6 completion percentage with 1215 yards and 5 touchdowns before and injury sidelined his season. Nick Foles took over and was exceptional for the Eagles but Vick was still relatively productive during his six starts. To compare, Geno Smith produced 3,046 yards with a  55.8 completion percentage and just 12 touchdowns in 16 games last season.

The only thing that might prevent Michael Vick from joining the gang green nation is the likelihood that he wants to reclaim his starter role behind center. Even thought the Jets have not made a commitment to start Geno Smith in 2014, the likelihood that they will set him aside and stall his development is slim. It is highly unlikely that the Jets will be Super Bowl contenders in 2014 no matter how they improve the roster so allowing Smith to develop is surely the plan.

A sa backup option for the Jets, Vick would be ideal. With a 58-48 career record as a starter in the NFL, Vick possess a valuable skill set that could easily propel Smith into reaching his full potential. It is unclear whether Smith possesses the talent needed to develop into a top tier quarterback for the Jets. In his rookie season he showed flashes of promise leading the NFL in 5 winning game drives. Having Vick on the roster has potential to pay dividends for Smith as they share a similar style of play.

Even with the Jets flawed history at quarterback competition, they are still in very much need for experience at backup quarterback. Unloading Sanchez’s ridiculous contract will aid greatly in moving on from a failed era. Adding Michael Vick will make it that much easier to unload Sanchez and look to the future to see if Geno Smith is the long term solution to the Jets quarterback woes.



Miami Dolphins Fan through and through, but football fan all around.

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