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Ravens Draft Focus – Offense

Ravens Draft Focus – Offense
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For the first time in 6 years the Baltimore Ravens find themselves in unfamiliar territory by having an early first round selection in the 2014 draft. Even though this is something they are not used to, historically they have made the most of the early first round picks.

Lets not be surprised if the Ravens decide to trade back in the first round though. Ozzie Newsome values draft picks more than most and ultimately this could be the most likely scenario. If they do trade back, a player that could fit the plans would be Kelvin Benjamin. A Florida State receiver that was Jameis Winston’s favorite target an a historic season of the Seminoles.

Bejamin is a great athlete with a tremendous wingspan. When you watch him play, what stands out the most is his run after the catch. The first tackler rarely brings him down and as the play continues, defenders don’t want to tackle him. Benjamin would be a good pick, but keep in mind that he is also a project player and i really don’t see the Ravens picking him on the first round.

Kelvin Benjamin

Should the Ravens keep their spot in the draft and not trade down, the will opt for an offensive player that will keep defensive coordinators from a good night sleep.

North Carolina’s TE Eric Ebron fits that plan. Ebron is a freak of nature and has the size of a prototypical tight end. His athleticism and speed is what makes him the number one tight end in his class.

Ebron will be the guy that will give Flacco a target to stretch the field and be reliable on underneath routes. Ebron alongside Dennis Pitta, would give the Ravens a dup of tight ends as versatile as the the 2012 duo of New England. Both can block, line up in the slot, stretch the field and most importantly, run after the catch. It doesn’t get more complete then that.

Mike Evans is another player that has been linked to the Ravens. A physical pretense that would add to the Ravens offense, something that was missing after the departure of Anquan Boldin. Evans will undoubtedly become a huge red zone threat for the Ravens. With struggles in the run game and the inability to finish drives this past season, Evans would would be a much needed asset. Evans is terrific at catching jump balls but his pretense alone will allow Terrwy Smith and Denis Pitta to become more of a threat.

Mike Evans

Could you imagine Mike Evans and Marlon Brown playing across from each other in the red zone? Good luck defending both of them!


Miami Dolphins Fan through and through, but football fan all around.

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