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Ryan Mallett

Ryan Mallett
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We’ve long heard that Ryan Mallett was a first-round talent who slipped to 74th in the draft due to character concerns. This was a player who likely smoked pot in college and was said to be immature at the time of the 2011 draft. Mallett is 27 months older now and has been out of college working with Rob Gronkowski on his maturity issues for 2 years. It also appears he has escaped Satan’s grasp and brought the alleged marijuana addiction under control. He better be ready to go.
The next 4 weeks are critical to Mallet’s career. Either he performs very well and makes some QB needy team consider paying Belichicks asking price in a trade or its back to the bench for another 12 months of watching Tom Brady unleash hell in the East. He’s no longer a rookie and having had plenty of time to grow up with the benefits of the teams #2 reps for a full offseason pretty much clears the excuses list.
It’s an important time for Geno Smith and EJ Manuel also but they have the benefit of only having to show potential at this point. For Mallet he has 4 weeks of do or die performances for the chance to be considered more than a backup QB.
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