Luciano 11


Saturday Schmooze

Saturday Schmooze
Luciano 11
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Week 5 Predictions & Rankings


Ravens@Colts : 24-20

Bills@lions : 10-27

Steelers@Jaguars : 24-13

Browns@Titans : 24-17

Jets@Chargers : 20-24

Bengals@Patrios : 30-20


Dolphins on bye


Season to date


AFC SR Weekly Rankings Compared 

Rankings week4Comp


If you wish to see how we voted and the AFC SR Weekly Rankings expanded click here

Note form me: Thank you to the Bills, Steelers, Patriots fans that have contributed to something we all could have. As a Browns, Ravens, Bengals, and Dolphin fan, please realize the commitment that these folks have given before you bash their’s/mine picks. I hope that in the future you too will want to let your voice be heard.


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