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Sideline Report Special Afternoon Edition

Sideline Report Special Afternoon Edition
Luciano 11
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AFCN & AFCE what does the future hold?


AFC North Yesterday

There has been a steady decline by the division overall, and a few factors have added into it:

  1. The Pittsburgh Steelers thought they could use the same players for two decades, and they simply got old.
  1. The Ravens used their old guard to win a SB, but it was obvious even before that, that the team was on a down spiral.
  1. The Bengals have been the only team to elevate their game, but the team has so much fear in the playoffs, that it becomes the Browns.
  1. The Browns have had a carousel of GMs, HC, QBs, one has to wonder if anyone there has a clue?


AFC North Today

  1. Although the Steelers are rejuvenating, the road to stardom is still somewhat away. I can see them taking second or first with no more than 9 wins
  1. The Ravens have overhauled the entire franchise, but I really think they will suffer, especially since Flacco is not the type of QB that can carry the team by himself. Maybe 8 wins
  1. The Bengals are one lousy season away from complete overhaul, that will happen this year. 7-8 wins
  1. The Browns will surprise everyone and finish very close if not ahead of both the Ravens abd the Bengals




AFC East Yesterday

  1. The New England Patriots won 12 games mostly because the rest of the division sucks. They are getting the Steeler Syndrome and age is rapidly advancing especially at QB, OL.
  1. The New York Jets took a dive and sank for two years, sort of revived a little, but I have to see it again to believe it
  1. The Miami Dolphins have not had a winning season since the Lucky Campaign of the Wildcat, the team is busier abusing each other than trying to beat opponents
  1. The Buffalo Bills have not mattered for what seems like forever. They showed some signs of life last year, except they drafted the wrong QB


AFC East Today

  1. The New England Patriots have had a need at CB forever, one can say they have lost 1-2 SBs because of BB’s stubbornness. So they get the best, however the offense is starting to look pedestrian, 10-11 wins
  1. The New York Jets have a million draft picks, maybe that will help them find a CB, WR, TE, OL, OLB, basically a team. They are improving, maybe! 8 wins
  1. The Miami Dolphins are a complete mess, even if the most devoted don’t see it. They may have found a QB, maybe, but the kid will be paralyzed, and an OL is not made over night. This team would win the division this season if it had built an OL year, but they did get a ST player at #3, 7 wins would be a good season
  1. The Buffalo Bills will surprise us all, except for Bills fans. This team has the talent, and if EJ actually plays, they win 9


Thanks for coming, have a great weekend and don’t forget to come and play The Draft Championship!




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