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Site Changes and Improvements

Site Changes and Improvements
S/R Staff
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Firstly, I would like to thank all who have helped make this site possible and would like to personally welcome all our new friends from BigUglies.

Site Navigation:

As some have noticed already, I changed the menu above to make room for the separate blog sections of the AFC East and AFC North. Each section is also divided into the divisions’ respective teams and I will add statistics to each one like the AFC East has. If you click on either blog you will arrive at a new page with the list of all the articles posted so far and the earliest most recent will be on top (That is where the current conversations are). The articles are arranged by latest to last to make navigation easier.

In each article the sidebar located on the right side contains information that pertains to the website. You will notice there are two sections called  “AFC East Starting Line” and “AFC North Starting Line” , this is where you can follow the postings for each blog, obviously the top articles are the latest and newest.


Above the menu on the top left, you will notice a registration button. Unfortunately, spammers have gone crazy for our little corner of the web and continue to register around 500-600 a day and because of that I had to turn it off. But, if you would like to register just click on the support button on the bottom left and give your email to RCR and you will be registered (You will receive an email with a temporary password that you can change after logging in). If you want to be an author for the site please request that when asking to register.

– Registering allows you to play in the Pick ’em Challenge


Please feel free to send any suggestions or requests my way though the contact section (top menu) including any critiques you want to make. I am in no way sensitive about the site as it is not only mine but ours and everyone should have input in its function and direction. That is not to say I can perform any magic but I can certainly try to oblige all requests.

Site Name:

Now that our website is no longer just for the AFC East so the name must be changed so if anyone has any suggestions for the new name you may post it as a comment just add a space after the name an this symbol # after the name so I can find it when I search. Once we get a few suggestion I will make a poll and add it to the sidebar for final selection.

Name suggestion example: #


All who want to contribute articles may do so through the “Write for us” link on the top menu. Note – images cannot be submitted through that section but if you have a particular image you would like added you may provide a link and we can add it when editing. If you would like to be a featured author i can assign you author privileges which will allow you more freedom with images and styling of the article. Note: All images that go above the articles must be a minimum of 600px wide. I also have access to the NFL media wire and can provide credentials to authors that wish to use information provided by the NFL  such as statistics, rule changes, game capsules, team club information and the such.  Also, if anyone from the AFC North would like to volunteer to handle the “Morning links” or “Morning Pasta” it would be much appreciated, all it entails is searching the web for the later AFC North news out on the web and adding a links to a post.

Site Rules:

Yes, no one wants to hear rules but it is a fact of life or total anarchy will ensue leading to the Jacksonville Jaguars winning a Super Bowl this decade. The rules can be found in the “About Us” section on the top menu and you can always refer to them if you have any questions. But to emphasize, the site is basically self moderated and we are all adults here, only egregious personal attacks will be directly dealt with swiftly, everything else will be discussed if need be. Most of the members here do work in offices and having NSFW stuff appear on their screen is simply inconsiderate so please just be mindful of that. Regarding avatars, keep it SFW as well, no one want their boss or wife looking at the screen and seeing nude or almost nude women all over the place. If we can respect each other then we will go far and continue on.


Now as some know, i have been working on getting the site on it own server to increase speed and have been working diligently to make the site as efficient as possible this will take time and resources on my part but i am confident it will happen soon. If anyone want to donate to the site “Definitely not mandatory by any means” you are free to do so through the PayPal link on the sidebar and any amount is appreciated. Again, thank you everyone old faces and new and for the record, I AM a Dolphins fan but my father is a Steeler fan!


Sergio Peralta



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