Slick’s 2017 Wild Card Round Overreactions – An Abrupt End and On to a New Beginning

Slick’s 2017 Wild Card Round Overreactions – An Abrupt End and On to a New Beginning
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It’s the playoffs and for the first time in quite some time, half of the division is (was) involved. Let’s get after it:
Last place, The Jets. I guess no news is good news for the Jets, but unfortunately for them Mr. Watson down had a wonderful game in the NCAA National Football Playoff Championship game. Now if the Browns aren’t dumb enough to take him, there is a real chance the Jets take him. Ouch.
Second to last place, the Bills. The Bills seem to be a rudderless ship. No head coach and apparently a GM that has no power, with a pair of owners that love to meddle. Good luck.
Now for the big loser of the weekend, the second place Miami Dolphins. The Fins got to play an NFL Playoff game for the first time in nearly a decade. Most Miami fans were not very optimistic. Most realized that although the Fins did beat the Steelers earlier this season, to hope for a repeat would be foolhardy. It appears the team thought so as well. Young Adam Gase decided to take the old NBA approach of letting the opposing team’s star get theirs and hold down the rest of the team. Unfortunately for the Fins, this is the NFL and letting a team’s big three stars get theirs, generally puts the game out of reach fast. Surprisingly, even with their stupid approach, the Fins were able to hang around and had a chance to make it a one score game just before the half (with the ball coming back). Then Matt Moore struck. Turnover, halftime, turnover, turnover; game over. Well as they say in Miami; good job, good effort.
And the Pats spent their week studying potential opponents because as Tom Brady says, “It’s a short week.” They play the mighty Houston Texans on Saturday night and after hearing Belichick’s weekly press conference, I’m not sure how they pull this one out. Good luck boys!.

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