Slick’s 2018 Week 15 Overreactions – Not Good, Not Good At All

Slick’s 2018 Week 15 Overreactions – Not Good, Not Good At All
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Well it was a big weekend, one team had a chance to help another, two were fighting for playoff spots, all three lost.  Then the Bills won.  Long story short, football is stupid.
So let’s get right to it…
Last place, the Dolphins. I was listening to the radio on Saturday morning and Super Bowl Champion Center, Mike Flynn said the following: “What’s the spread on the Dolphins game? Who cares, put everything you have on the Vikings.  It’ll be the easiest money you ever make.”  I should have taken his advice.  The Fins suck pretty hard, whenever they are not playing the Patriots in Miami.  And their true colors showed once again.  They got their asses kicked in every facet of the game.  Tanny just sucks, can we finally put this to rest?  I mean come on, he has never found a defense he could read, he has zero pocket awareness and his arm is average at best.  Sounds to me like a recipe for yet another 1stround QB.  Back on the hamster wheel.  I would like to take a moment though to place a black rose on Frank Gore’s grave.  He was a great pro and now the Fins can say that they had a Hall of Famer on their team some time in the 2000’s.
Second to last, the Pats. This Pats team sucks, they suck bad. Brady and Belichick are old, the defense is severely below average and even the special teams is bad.  Let’s talk about this masterpiece of shitty football. The Pats managed 10 whole points against a pretty shitty defense.  And 7 of them came on a play where Chris Hogan was literally the most wide open receiver on any play in the 2018 NFL season, in fact no one has been that wide open since 2015.  It looks like bad drafting and poor cap management are finally coming home to roost. Since 2018 is all but over for the Pats, is it when will it be OK to start talking about replacing the coach? I mean just about every problem this team faces right now, is created by the once great Coach/ GM Bill Belichick. He’s now had his team not prepared for 7 of 8 road games this season (they showed up for the Bears game at least), nearly every personnel decision he’s made has been atrocious, and he’s made several in game decisions this year that are clearly the wrong one.  Bill is 66 years old, maybe the mind is starting to go. We might as well just move on now while you could probably get 3 or 4 1stround picks for him and get a head start on these two 4-12 seasons with McDaniels at the helm.  How does it end for Brady?  Concussed and broken like Favre or 62-7 in the playoffs like Danny?
Moving on.
Third to last is the Jets. The Jets got to play on Saturday, so everyone could see just how average Sam Darnold is (and is it just me, or does he really look like that blind kid that played at USC?) I love watching Sam scramble around, point to a guy, then throw the ball directly to the defender he pointed at (this week it bounced off said defenders hands).  Man that guy is the future of the position…On the whole though, the Jets played pretty well, DeAndre Hopkins is just way better than anyone the Jets can throw against him.  But that’s true of a lot of players in the league.  I really thought that the Jets were going to pull this off, but Todd was asleep at the wheel again and they help onto their draft position.  On the plus side, Robbie Anderson looks elite and this new TE the Jets stumbled across is very good.  Too bad the running backs aren’t…But no worries, Le’veon Bell will fix that right up (although, the Dolphins will likely be big contenders on that sweepstakes).  Back to Sleepy Todd, holy crap that guy is a terrible coach.  Let’s talk about that non-challenge at the end where everyone in the world saw that the Jets picked up the 1st, but Todd decided to let things play out (they picked up the yard, but it was not necessary).
Now to the only winner of the week.
The Buffalo Bills. Josh Elway has done it again my friends, he’s put this rag tag bunch of cast offs on his broad shoulders and carried them to victory.  The Bills continue to play hard for coach McD, every callous on has clapping hands is a testament to the hard work his team is putting in.  Now I said that Josh “carried” the Bills, this time it’s just a figure of speech, he actually threw the football this week and it worked out pretty well.  The Bills are putting their future on the back burner and playing with pride, that and a running quarterback make them a dangerous test for the Patriots next week. I don’t really have much to say about this game, I mean I’ve never heard of half these guys the Bills are winning with. But I suppose that’s a good thing, the Bills are quietly building a juggernaut, between them and the Browns, the sun may shine on the shores on Lake Erie for some time.

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