Slick’s 2019 Wildcard Round Overreactions

Slick’s 2019 Wildcard Round Overreactions
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Well it was an action packed week, no one played a game.  Half the division is still coachless, so there’s that.

Last place Jets.  You interviewed Adam Gase for your vacant HC spot.

What?  Is there really anything else to say?


Second to last place, the Fins.  #Tank4Tua may have gotten a bit easier with his dreadful performance last night…


Third to last, Bills. Think about this, the most stable team in the division right now could be the Bills.


First place, The Pats. The Pats are the only team that participates in the annual tournament that the NFL holds to crown their champion. It’s called “The Playoffs” for fans of other divisional teams that may not remember what it’s like.  They got the week off to rest up and replace Gronk’s broken tubes and wires.  No they welcome the San Diego Chargers of Anaheim to Foxboro on Sunday afternoon at 1pm. There are a lot of things working for the Pats, West Coast teams rarely win on the East coast in 1pm games and there is expected to be a full on blizzard, dumping 4-6 feet of snow during the game.  So my prediction of the Pats losing their first playoff game this year is in jeopardy.


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