Slick’s 2020 Week 11 Overreactions


Slick’s 2020 Week 11 Overreactions
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Woof.  The AFC East sucks, like bad.  I mean they would easily be the worst division in football if the NFC East didn’t exist.  Fortunately for us, we did have a team on a bye, so we were once again able to avoid the dreaded 0-4 week (It’s coming and soon…).  Well, I suppose there’s no point in putting this off…


The worst of the worst has to be the Fins…Oh how the mighty have fallen, just a week ago many were talking about the Dolphins as legitimate contenders to win the AFC East and maybe even make some wave in the playoffs.  Then we saw what happens to seafood in landlocked states…The young prodigy struggled to complete 50% of his passes and those he did manage to thrust into his teammate’s fingers didn’t amount to much.  And really do we even mention the so called “running game”?  All that said, they were able to muster a few scores; and once Terrible Tua was rightfully benched for being terrible, Fitz led a mini charge and had the ball in the red zone with a chance to tie in the final minute.  Of course he threw a pick, everyone knows that Fitz only has like 5 good games in him per year (only 3 will result in wins) and he’s exhausted his supply for 2020.  The real story of this game was that the newly minted elite AFC defense was no match for Drew Lock and company.  You read that right, Drew Lock shredded the Dolphins’ defense all day, literally to the final play when he was trying to just throw it away, the Fins still somehow gave up about 50 yards and likely a TD had the Broncos not been feeling the Thanksgiving spirit early.  The Broncos offense operated at will, doing more or less whatever they wanted and had Melvin Gordon not started the celebration early with some sideline cocktails that led to a goal line fumble the score would have looked as truly terrible as the on-field product did. 


You know what, I’m calling it a tie for last place.  The Pats sucked too.  Bill Belichick with all of his genius thought the wise play would be to forego the running game that started off incredibly successfully against the #32 ranked rushing defense in the NFL and have his Junior Varsity level passing game carry the load.  The result was predictable, the Pats compiled a whole ton of hollow stats while going 3 or 6 and out all afternoon and scoring next to no points.  All the while, the defense that had been playing so well welcomed Stephon Gilmore and his cancerous attitude back to the field and every bit of progression went right out the window.  Shitty tackling and even worse coverage were the theme of the day.  Time and time again, the Pats would kind of get a hand on DeShaun Watson, only to let him escape and find a wide open wide receiver some 15-40 yards downfield.  It’s clear that the Pats are done this year, the “path” turned out to be a cul-de-sac and to be honest, the future doesn’t look all that bright…If you think about it, aside from Belichick (the coach, who has shown this year that when he tries he’s still good, unfortunately he doesn’t always try so hard anymore…) how much different are they than the Jets?  Except the Jets likely have the #1 overall pick coming next year where the Pats will likely be somewhere in the 15 range.  Prime position to get nothing that will actually help.  


We’re gonna put the bye week Bills here…


That means for the first time ever, we’re putting a team at the top of the list with a loss.  Because really every loss is a win for the Jets at this point.  What’s going to be interesting to see is if the Jets can take the “elegant tank” that the Dolphins pulled off last year and build some sort of culture and philosophy while still losing enough to get the QB they want.  It’s gonna be a tougher trick, since the Fins had their coach in place whereas the Jets have Adam Gase.  There’s a couple of ways they could run this, I for one think they should stick with Adam Gase and continue to build on the solid foundation of beach sand that he’s built.  But, if you are one that actually wants to see the Jets succeed (I mean, I don’t know why you would, but whatever…), I think they might have a good chance to land Dabo along with Trevor.  Hear me out, Clemson has proven to be a Covid denier hotspot. Clemson is run by Dabo.  This means that Dabo is no doubt a supporter of our Dear Leader.  By the time the NFL season wraps up, the Dear Leader will be unemployed as will his good friend and current ambassador to the UK, Jet’s principle owner Woody Johnson.  So why wouldn’t the Bible Thumping Dabo not want to come and work for someone who shares his delusionary view of the world, especially when he’ll pay you a literal mountain of money to work for three years, get fired and go back to some hick college town where you can be a god and get paid even more money?  Seems like the right move if you ask me.    


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