Slick’s 2020 Week 13 Overreactions

Slick’s 2020 Week 13 Overreactions
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Here we are friends.  2020 is finally starting to look up.  Another undefeated week for our little division, not without struggle.  But everyone found a way to battle through.  


Let’s get right after it. 


Last place is gonna go to the Fins this week.  It certainly wasn’t pretty for the Sea Mammals in their contest against the sort handed Bengals.  I’m gonna just chalk this up to the Fins being stuck in the same rut as the rest of us and just dreaming that it was still 2019 and thought they were still locked in an epic tank off with the Bengals.  But after halftime (when most viewer and analysts were asking Flores to bench Tua already), the Fins woke up and did what was necessary to win.  Back to Tua, he’s not been very good in his time under center this season.  No, Starting Fitz is not the answer, since he won’t be there next year, but it might be time to crack open the scout’s reports on the QBs coming out this year.  I mean the Fins have a bonus top 10 pick, might as well keep throwing darts until they actually find a real quarterback.


Speaking of not so great QBs…The Bills beat the 49ers JV squad on Monday night.  This game was never really in question, so we’ll skip actually talking about the game (as we did above) and talk about the Quarterback.  The last day or so has seen the air filled with a farts of Bills fans talking about how Josh Allen just played his best game of his career.  Good job Josh, you’re officially a semi-competent NFL QB.  I mean the best game of Josh’s career was far from perfect, he still lost a fumble (that would be number 7 on the year, right?), took a terrible sack that even Cam Newton might have seen coming (OK, no he wouldn’t that guy sucks) and threw a terrible interception (he ended up getting bailed due to a penalty on the other side of the field that had nothing to do with the play).  But I suppose Bills fans call that “progress”.  All that said, the Bills basically wrapped up the division title this week, so now the real challenge starts.  We’ll see if the Bills have what it takes to win when the games actually matter. 


Third place goes to the Jets this year.  All I can say about this game is “wow”.  The Jets’ backup RBs ran like they were in college again and even Sammy D showed flashes of why he was considered a top QB in the draft a few years back (he’ll look good in Indy next year).  The Jets battled hard against the Raiders doing everything they could the “Jet up” their shot at the #1 pick and win the game.  But never fear, Greg Williams is (was?) here.  With just 11 short seconds left in the game, Greg dialed up his worst possible blitz and made sure to lock up his undrafted rookie CB mano y mano with the WR who recorded the fastest 40 time in the history of the NFL combine.  They play went exactly as you’d expect, riggs blew by that CB (I don’t feel like learning his name because that feels like a waste of energy) and scored the game winning touchdown.  Good work Jets.  Also, firing Williams the day after is a good way to throw people off the scent of the tank.       


And the winner of the week is the Pats.  The Pats traveled all the way across the country to Covid County California for a visit to the new shrine to football and face the best QB playing from the 2020 NFL draft.  The Chargers were said to have one of the better offenses in the league, they scored zero points.  The Chargers were also supposed to have one of the worst special teams units in the history on the league.  That one proved out pretty well…Gunnah got that punt return TD that he was screwed out of last week and then when the Chargers lined up for a long FG attempt to close out the first half, the predictable happened and the Pats blocked the kick and Devin McCourty showed us what he’s still good at- picking up the ball and running fast (although he did steal the TD from the guy who actually did the work and blacked the kick).  This 45-0 ass whipping was fairly thorough, which means “The Path” is still alive.  Thursday night is a big one for the Pats.     

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