Slick’s 2020 Week 14 Overreactions


Slick’s 2020 Week 14 Overreactions
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Sorry I’m late, this was a big week for the division, let’s get right after it.  


In last place, the Pats.  What a disgrace this team is.  Riding high off their best win of the season and needing a win to keep their already slim playoff hopes alive, the Pats returned to the Palace in LA for a Thursday Night tilt against the Rams.  And got their teeth kicked in.  The Pats never stood a chance in this game.  The defense, which had been playing their best football of the season, decided that they didn’t feel very much like tackling.  And to compound the problem, Cam newton still sucks at football.  The best description I’ve heard of him this week is, “He’s basically an aging running back playing QB…”  So now it’s official, there will be a new AFC East champion for the first time in over a decade and Pats fans are left to look towards a bleak future.  The roster seems fairly devoid of talent and the GM hasn’t drafted a pro-bowler since 2012.  Well, it was a fun ride while it lasted.


In second to last, the Fins.  I will give the Dolphins credit, they tried incredibly hard and never did quit.  They forced the vaunted Chiefs’ offense to turn the ball over three times and even had a two-score lead at one point.  Unfortunately for them, the Chiefs are capable of scoring 21 points in about 30 seconds and did just that, when they needed to turn the game around.  The Fins have a chance to make the playoffs, but they have a difficult schedule down the stretch.  Fortunately for them, they have a get right game against the Pats this week.  Get the lube ready, the Fins can officially eliminate the Pats from playoff contention with a win.


Next up, the Jets.  Once again, the Jets won by losing.  Last week was a real scare for jet fans who are dead set on trusting a Clemson guy to lead their franchise in the future.  This week, the Jet took no such chances.  Once again, the Jets showed us that when they put their minds to it, they can be as incompetent a football team as we’ve ever seen.  Adam Gase is doing his job and continuing to Rival Hugh Jackson as the worst and most delusional head coach in footballing history.  Good for you Jets fans, you’ve reset the clock on hope and optimism.  See you again in three years when you’re searching for the next great Jets’ QB.  


And in first place, the Bills.  The Bills are playing the best football we’ve seen out of them in years.  Most of the folks reading this weren’t even alive the last time the Bills were this good.  They’ve all but locked up the division for the first time since my own childhood and what’s even better is now we’re just a few short weeks away from Bills fans complaining about getting screwed out of a bye due to the new playoff rules.  As it stands now, the Bills look like they will be facing the Browns in the opening week of the playoffs, guaranteeing a playoff win for the Lake Erie region.  


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