Slick’s 2020 Week 17 Overreactions

Slick’s 2020 Week 17 Overreactions
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Well, the 2020 NFL regular season is finally over.  Covid be damned, the NFL plowed forward and completed their ** season, where many stars didn’t compete and the schedule was always in flux.  The AFC East produced one playoff team in the expanded field, so let’s wrap this thing up.  (not fully, we’ll do a final wrap up once everyone is eliminated, whenever that may be) 


Last place goes to the Jets, obviously.  Remember when it was fun to give the Jets a win for losing?  Yeah, that ended when we learned once again that the Jets are such a shitty organization that they can’t even lose properly.  On the plus side, they fired Adam Gase, on the minus side, they are still owned by the Johnsons.  And there really is no bigger family of johnsons in existence.  I mean when do these weirdos start inter breeding so as “to protect their bloodlines”?  The Jets have the #2 pick in the upcoming NFL draft.  I am confident that they will screw it up somehow, not sure how yet, but that’s the fun part about the Jets, they always find new and exciting ways to screw themselves.  


Second loser of the week is the team that had a chance to give the AFC East some level of validity in the NFL this year, the Dolphins.  But alas, the Dolphins were faced with a win and in playoff scenario against a division rival who was resting their starters for half of the game.  They proceeded to get beaten like a republican in Georgia.  Well, at least now we can still talk about the AFC East being the worst division in football outside of the NFC East.  On the plus side, the Fins’ fleecing of Bill O’Brien has finally netted them the #3 pick in next year’s draft.  Maybe they can finally get a QB.  


On to the “winners” 


No, never mind the Pats are still losers.  Yes, they beat the Jets and looked like a functional NFL team in doing so, but of course winning was really losing in this situation.  The Pats finished their humiliating season by not even getting themselves a good draft pick.  Now they sit at #15 in NFL purgatory with no QB on the roster capable of playing in the NFL.  The future looks bleak in Foxboro and I for one thing they need to fire at least one Belichick immediately.  The one with a mullet that can’t coach defense to save his life.  And I’, willing to give the GM one last chance, but if he doesn’t work some magic with this roster, and put the team back on the right track, he’s gonna have to go. 


And the only real winner of the week is the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills have really been the only bright spot in this dark, dark division in 2020.  At times this season they were so bad that their fans were quitting football, but right now they are playing as well as they have since Drew Bledsoe was their QB.  The Bills seem to have developed a solid system on offense, with the addition of Stefon Diggs being one of the better acquisitions in the NFL this century.  The system works so well that Matt Barkley was able to produce as many points as the starter.  But here we go Bills fans, you are set up to see your team win a playoff game for the first time in many of your lifetimes.  And if not, at least local hero Frank Reich will be the one beating you. 


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