Slick’s 2020 Week 3 Overreactions

Slick’s 2020 Week 3 Overreactions
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Good morning and happy Wednesday!!! We’re three weeks into the NFL season and I must say, the AFCE has not disappointed so far. Well except the Jets, but come on, everyone in world outside of New Jersey and that little pocket of Long Island between Queens and the nice part, where poor souls are born into a life of misery and track suits. So, let’s talk about the games already.  

In last place, the Jets. I really think that the Jets will likely occupy this spot all year. I mean they might win a game, if their entire opponent’s roster comes down with the covid on gameday and they are forced to field a team of local teens. Also, Adam Gase might need to be locked in quarantine as well, he might not be a match for the teenagers. The Jets got beaten badly, again and it’s starting to get sad…I mean do you remember the days when Jet fans were full of promise that the best QB of the draft class slipped to them and the future was bright? Ahhh, those were good times, delusional Jet fans berating anyone within shouting distance that they were going to dethrone the Pats and be a force for a decade plus…Well, at least we get to do it again next year with Trevor Lawrence and Jimbo Fisher or whatever incompetent coach the Johnson family chooses. Oh yeah, the game…Sam Darnold threw three touchdown passes. Unfortunately, two of those were Colts’ TDs. So yeah, it was just another day in New Jersey.
Now that that unpleasantness is behind us.


In third place, we find the Pats. The Patriots had a scheduled win with a west coast team coming east for a 1pm game and all they had to do was not screw it up. They didn’t. Cam Newton wasn’t excellent, but his mistakes were minimal, and the Raiders are stupid, so the Pats were still able to run for 250 yards on the day. Even Sony Michel was able to channel his days at the University of Georgia and actually made a guy or two miss (he did get caught from behind, twice, but we’ve got to take what we can get). The defense was average, but once again, the Raiders are stupid so they didn’t do anything to attack the Pats’ weaknesses. Also, Chase Winnovich looks like he might just have a hangdown as long as his hair. The kid is fun to watch. Well is the Chiefs next, so there’s a good chance next week we’ll see the Pats on the other side of the dividing line. But hey, 2-1 isn’t terrible.


In second place, we find the Bills. Yes, the Bills are the only 3-0 team in the division, but they tried their best to give that game away and they are starting show cracks in their armor. Josh Allen is playing well, but his lack of focus when the pressure starts to ramp up may just be the downfall of the Bills in the long run. The Bills jumped out to a big three touchdown lead against the Rams, then they suffered a bad call on a questionable interception, and everything went to hell. The Bills proceeded to blow that entire lead and in fact fall behind by more than a field goal in the waning minutes of the game. But the savior of Buffalo brought his team down the field and with a nice drive. He then did what he does and created a giant problem for the Bills when he attempted to clean to boogers off the nose of the rushing lineman and was called for a facemask penalty. But fortune has favored the Bills this season and the officials decided to give them a 5th down from the 2 and Tyler Kroft made a fingertip grab on another Josh Allen overthrow. Bills win.
And your first-place team is Magic. Fitzmagic. The Miami Dolphins faced the early season darlings of the league, on the road, on Thursday night. 9 times out of ten that’s a scheduled loss for the road team. But Fitz wanted his last start to be a memorable one. He completed his fist 1 passes or something like that and absolutely shredded the Jags defense. He basically rubbed his taint on Minshew’s mustache all night long. I mean even Bills draft bust Shaq Lawson’s name was called on multiple occasions. The future is looking up for the Fins. Tua time is right around the corner (makes sense for it to be this week), and Black Bill Belichick has the team headed in the right direction.





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