Slick’s 2020 Week 6 Overreactions

Slick’s 2020 Week 6 Overreactions
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Ha!  The good old AFC East is back to normal.  Three teams went out and lost, two in embarrassing fashion.  And as always, there was one team who gave their fans reason to fan the flames of eternal optimism.  So without further ado, let’s get right to it.  


Last place goes to the Jets.  Because, well, the Jets suck terribly at football.  After a turbulent week where Adam Gase finally got his way and released the most talented player on the team, the Jets rolled into South Beach behind the fearless unibrow of joe Flacco.  They were summarily dispatched by the upstart Dolphins who really looked as if they had no time for the shenanigans of a team that may have difficulty competing in a Pop Warner league.  It was nice that the Jets decided to start to get in the Halloween spirit and rolled out not only the Flacco’s geriatric body, but also the Zombie Corpse of Frank Gore.  The two elderly gentlemen led the Jets in Passing and Rushing respectively, totaling 232 yards between them.  Take out the yards Joe lost getting sacked and that number drops to 196 yards…The Jets now have the inside track on the #1 overall pick (although now stories are coming out that Lawrence is getting advice to stay in school and risk injury rather than risking getting picked by the Jets).


Moving on to even more unpleasantness…


The Pats are in second to last.  And boy it’s hard to not rank these bums last…Belichick and company really shit the bed in this one.  After fighting hard and nearly staging a sit in to get this game rescheduled to a time when he would have his star QB and CB back, the Pats strolled out onto the Gillette Stadium turf like they hadn’t even thought about football in weeks.  Cam looked like he might have actually died from his bout with Covid-19 and the rest of the offense seemed to take his lead.  And let’s get to Bill Belchick…For years now, I’ve been saying that Bill Belichick the GM had been hindering BB the coach; Sunday it was all on the coach.  He really just looked like he saw what his team put out there in the early part of the game, and in the second half, just wanted to get he hell out of there.  Not challenging the James White 3rd down was bad, but declining a penalty that allowed the Broncos to kick a 54 yard FG (accepting the penalty would have made it 64) was just unacceptable.  The Pats were more worried about Covid than they were about their opponents this week.  If that continues, the Jets may just have another contender for that #1 pick…


And the last of the losers…


Third to last is the Bills.  October is a great month, my birthday is in October, Halloween is in October, but what I think I liked best about his October has been watching Josh Allen tun back into a pumpkin.  I’ve been called a moron and a hater and a lot of other bad names by Bills fans for simply stating that we should wait until the Bills paly some sort of capable competition before anointing Josh and the Bills the next great dynasty in football…And low and behold, once they face two good NFL teams, they run into a two game losing streak.  Look the Bills weren’t terrible, but after they kicked that field goal in the first half, they were never really in contention to win this game.  The offensive gameplan was shit and Josh barely completing 50% of his passes certainly didn’t help.  It seemed that the Bills were so paralyzed by their fear of the Chiefs’ offense that they repeatedly shot themselves in the foot.  Ah well Bills fans, maybe not this year…But DEFINITELY next.  


And the big winner of the week…


Get out your lube Fin fans, you’re on a winning streak!!!!  It wasn’t just getting the Jets this week that made the game enjoyable. (I mean less so for me, because I needed DVP and Gesicki to total like 5 more points in fantasy for a win…)  It was the way they won.  Fitz was majestic again, not only with his play, but even more so in his support of the future.  Yes Fin fans, the future is now…It’s TUA TIME!!!!  Young Tua entered the game in the 4th quarter and showed fans glimpses of what’s tom come.  His completion percentage currently sits at an NFL best 100% and the energy that he brought to the team was simply palpable.  When Tua entered the game, it was like Covid never happened and they were playing at a sold out Miami Hurricanes game (because you know…sellouts aren’t really a Dolphin thing…).  Tua has been named starter, so the future looks bright for the fans in South Florida (assuming the pandemic doesn’t kill us all), lounge in the lube pools, you’ve got years of joy ahead.  

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