Slick’s 2020 Week 7 Overreactions

Slick’s 2020 Week 7 Overreactions
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Oof.  Week 7 of the 2020 NFL season has come and gone and the AFC East was really something to behold…With the Dolphins on the bye, it was real lucky that we had an inter-divisional game, or there’s a real good chance the division would have been winless.  


Here we go…


For the first time this season, we have a new basement dweller.  It’s the Pats.  Oh dear god were the Pats awful on Sunday against former Belichick darling, Jimmy G.  The defense resembled government swiss cheese, repeatedly getting gashed both on the ground and through the air.  The once vaunted Pats defense gave up big play after big play to the 9ers and their third string running back.  If you think the defense sucked, that was nothing compared to Cam Newton.  Oh my how times have changed since Cam led the Pats to a moral victory over the Seahawks.  Cam threw more interceptions in the first half against the 9ers than he has thrown TD passes all year.  The man many in Boston were screaming to be re-signed immediately after the week 2 game now boasts a remarkable 3.5:1 Int to TD ratio, easily leading the NFL in that category. All in all the Pats are a disgrace, the only silver lining being that they control their own destiny in the race with the Jets for the #1 pick.


In second to last place, the Jets.  I’ll give them credit, the Jets played just hard enough to almost win and maybe just maybe, if they continue to show this type of effort, they can earn their coach another season at the helm. Or even better, earn the self-proclaimed “Greatest Coach Ever to Coach Anything” Greg Williams a shot at the job.  All other AFC East fans can only hope…Don’t get me wrong, STD and the offense were wretched, but at least the defense forced the Human Turnover to hand them the ball at least once.  And Jet fans have a reason to be outraged, after their best receiver was knocked into Delaware by clearly dirty hit that everyone but Bills fans can see should warrant a suspension. But alas, the Jets are forced to struggle on and they seem poised to blow the #1 pick to more deserving team. 


That’s it for the losers.


Well, the Dolphins are losers, but they didn’t play a game…


And the only team that played a game and didn’t lose this week was the Bills.  I hesitate to call them ‘winners’ this week, because the performance the Bills put forth on Sunday was barely worthy of the win that they will get credited for.  Josh Allen is just a turnover waiting to happen and had they not been playing what could easily be the worst NFL team assembled in years, his single lost fumble could easily have been accompanied by three or four interceptions.  But the Bills did win and now hold a slim one game lead in the division.  With the Dolphins ignoring reality, sticking to their power point and benching a QB who is balling out for a short, injury prone rookie who literally requires them to flip their offense around 180 degrees, the Bills are essentially a lock to win the division.  Even if it is a 7-9.  And thank god for the NFC East, because them putting a 5-11 division winner in the playoffs will take all the attention off of our shitty division.  


That’s all I’ve got.  These teams suck.       

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