Slick’s 2020 Week 9 Overreactions


Slick’s 2020 Week 9 Overreactions
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Wooo Hooo!!!  The AFC East is back baby!!!  3-1 this week and really everyone was so good that if there wasn’t an interdivisional game, we probably would have gone 4-0.  Oh man, what a time to be alive.  


Last place goes to the only loser of the week, the Jets.  The Jets looked like they are really fighting for Adam Gase’s job.  The team obviously loves him and will run through walls for their fearless leader.  True, the one play that he actually called resulted in a game turning interception, but that’s not the focus now…The focus should be on the eliteness of Joe Flacco’s unibrow and his right arm.  I mean the Jets are really sitting pretty for the future, they have a hot, young head coach, a Super Bowl MVP at QB and the inside track at the #1 pick.  I mean the sky is really the limit for the Jets on offense.  The only real negative for the Jets now is that it appears that their all world, rookie left tackle’s body may be degrading on him.  Reports are the he’s got bonitis, so that’s not so great…


Now on to the winners


Third place this week goes to the Pats.  I really thought about putting them #1 because their former MVP QB showed up on Monday night and really looks like he’s turning the corner down the back stretch of greatness.  I mean Cam was basically unstoppable the other night, pair that with Jakobi “Jerry Rice Jr” Meyers running crisp, deliberate routes and kind of getting wide open all game and we’ve got ourselves a contender.  Damien Harris looks like a real running back, and the offensive line is starting to gel.  Watch out, the 12th straight division title is still in the cards.  Just think about it, Bill Belichick now has an all-world QB, WR, RB, and OL…The league is screwed.  Now I know what people are going to say, “What about the defense?”  Pfft…Nothing to see here.  Obviously, when facing elite talent like the Jets have on offense, you defense might give up s few points here and there, nothing to see here…


Now this is where it gets really tough…But second place is going to be the Bills this week.  The Bills showed up this week and beat a West Coast team at 1pm on the east coast.  Yes, that is the formula for a guaranteed win in the NFL and the Seahawks have quite possible the worst defense ever assembled, but the Bills did win the game, quite handily at that.  The defense showed up for what might have been the first time all season and Josh Allen once again was able to complete passes to uncovered wide receivers.  Josh was so great that the stat geeks at PFF even created a new stat to make him look like a top tier NFL QB.  That’s when you know you’ve arrived.  The Bills are sitting in the driver’s seat for their first division title in a quarter century.  It’s time for Bills fans to switch their motto…”If not now, when?”  (I will actually credit Kay Adams, the hot girl from that NFL network morning show for saying that yesterday morning)


That means it’s time to get the lube back out, the Fins are still on top!!  Brian Flores is obviously the front runner for coach of the year in the NFL and Tua should probably be in the MVP discussion too…The Fins welcomed MVP front runner Kyler Murray to sunny South Florida this weekend and stuffed his tiny ass right back in the box he came out of.  The Fins are looking unstoppable right now and I don’t see Tua losing his first NFL game until at least sometime next season…I mean what else is there to say?  Every move Flores has made since becoming head coach of this team has been the right move, why should we expect him to stop now?  


Author’s note:  RIP Tommy Heinsohn – the sports world is a less fun place without you.  10 time NBA champion and 2 time Hall of Famer (one of only 2 guys in the NBA Hall of Fame as both a player and a coach.)    


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