Slick’s AFCE Week 10 Overreactions

Slick’s AFCE Week 10 Overreactions
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Week 10 Overreactions

Well, it sure is November…

Three teams played on Sunday, remarkably one of them did manage a win, but once again one of my prophecies came true.  Let’s not waste any time and get straight to it.

Well, we have a new basement dweller, if only for a week.  It was a tough choice trying to figure out who let their fan base down the most, but I did the math and it shows that the Miami Dolphins are 2% worse than the Bills…The Fins were riding high and their fans have created a worldwide blowhole lube shortage.  Unfortunately for them, some sneaky trickster from Detroit slipped a little sandpaper in the hole near the end of the fourth quarter, resulting in a very uncomfortable afternoon for Fin fans.  As predicted, Tanny came crashing back to earth once I added him to my fantasy roster (should have gone with Sanchez…).  His stat line was saved by a 97 yd TD pass, but take that out and he’s on Andy Dalton’s level.  Grimes’ int was a sick catch, but had Stafford made even a decent throw, that was 6 because he was 2 steps behind Calvin Johnson’s one good foot.  It’s nut cutting time here in the NFL and it looks like the Fins may have been castrated on Sunday.

In second to last place, by a margin of only about 1%, we find the Buffalo Bills who decided that since the holidays are coming, they’d visit their normal hidey hole in the bomb shelter.  The Bills’ fans expected them to be the only AFC East team to defeat the mighty Chiefs, but those of us who are learned in the ways of football knew better.  The Chiefs are a bad matchup for the Bills, they have talented players and a competent coach; That is a recipe for disaster for the Bills.  The Mighty Herd from Orchard Park played three solid quarters of football, only to have victory snatched from them when the Kool-Aid Man burst through the wall and dialed up a pair of fourth quarter TDs.  Sammy’s bad groin was the biggest issue for the Bills, you know that and Kyle Orton mistaking the endzone for one of the schools that currently has a restraining order against him (the only thing to enter was a Hogan…).  This was just the Bills attempting to remind their fans that they do still in fact root for the Bills and no amount of early season success will guarantee that they break that pesky streak.

The plus side for these two teams is that they play one and other on Thursday Night, so both can’t have two game losing streaks this time next week.  (although it would be amazing if they were both on two game winless streaks)

Wait a minute, who’s that sitting shirtless in a lawn chair on the front steps with his feet high the air?  I recognize that tattoo (although it looks like the person is now wearing a #1 jersey); it Rexy.  At long last, the Jets’ petition to emerge from the basement in time to see the sun one last time before winter (and John Idzik’s firing).  The Jets shocked a stadium full of Steelers fans this week and showed that they may just be a little better than the Jacksonville Jaguars after all.  It was a total team game for the Jets, Mike Vick channeled his pre-prison self and threw for a couple of TDs while keeping the defense honest with his legs, Chris Ivory and Co. had a decent game as a group and what is quite possibly the most shocking statistic of all; the Jets more than doubled their takeaway number for the season.  All in all it was a complete shocker and the Jets will more likely than not lose all of their remaining games (excluding the week 17 tilt with the Fins), but this win does ensure that they will be picking outside of the top three.

And now for the team that took the week off.  It really was a classic “AFC East Bye Week” where the Pats picked up a half game on their closest competition in the division by not getting out of bed.  The Pats have a rough stretch still to play, but  13-3 is once again a reasonable expectation from this team.


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